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I assume from your description of PCM code 43 that it is indicating an ignition coil problem. If the engine still runs well, clear the code and see if driving will cause the code to re-appear. If the code doesn't show up again, it may have been just an unexplained occurrance. If it does you may have an ignition coil going bad or some other problem in the area. If it says ignition coil it may just be something electrically connected to the ignition coil, like an intermittent short in a spark plug wire causing periodic excessive drain on the coil.

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Q: What should you do with a PCM code 43 ignition coil if the car still starts up and runs fine?
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What code for ignition sensor on Nissan Micra?

I've.changed.the ignition on Nissan micra 2000 it still won't stsrt

Ignition code for 05 Yamaha banshee lost key?

Remove the ignition, (the part that you put your key into,) and on it will be a black sticker. On this sticker will be a code. THAT code is the key code for your ignition. Go to a reputable Locksmith and take your ignition with you. Give him the code you wrote down and ask for him to make you a key for it. Have him verify that the code you read is the same one he reads off it. He'll make the key and try it in the ignition. Should it work fine, WRITE THE CODE DOWN on your quad, like under the seat or in a place you can get to and won't wear away. That way, should you be out of state riding and lose your key again, you'll have the code with you and can get another made. Should you NOT be able to read the code, take the ignition to the Locksmith and he can make a key for you anyway by picking it and taking it apart. Used to be a Locksmith, so I'm speaking from experience

How do you remove a 1976 corvette ignition switch?

Ignition switch is located above brake pedal on column. It has long flat electrical connector to it. If by ignition switch you mean the key tumbler: Remove steering wheel. Remove lock plate. Remove Turn signal switch. Remove screw retaining ignition. There should be a code stamped on the ignition. If the ignition is still good a locksmith can cut the key from the code. Might be cheaper to slap a new one if you have already got that far though.

How easy is it to fit a ecu on a 1.2 8v punto?

if it is a MK1, the ECU is very easy to change a 10 min job; to ensure the engine still starts you must change the code box and ignition barrel to match the key/code. if it is a mark 2, 3 or 4 it is probably hard to do.

How do you disable the anti-theft system of the radio of a 97 Mitsubishi Eclipse gst?

If the radio is still in the car, Place the ignition key inside ignition and turn it to access mode. Leave it there for about an hour. After that, the anti-theft system should disable itself by flashing the word, "code" on the radio screen. Then, re-enter code. The code card should be located with the owner's manual booklets holdster inside glove box. If you can't find the code card, you might have to go to your nearest Mitsubishi Dealer to fix the problem.

What to do after entering wrong code peugot 306?

entering the wrong code on what? if it's the radio try switching the ignition off then back on the screen should clear then enter the correct code

How do you reset the code on a echolac suitcase?

To reset the code on an Echolac suitcase, you should use the default code that originally came with the suitcase. If you do not still have the default code, it should be taken to an authorized dealer.

What is the correct ignition timing for a ford 460 cid motor Thanks?

It depends on the year, which engine code it is, what emission equipment is installed etc. Check the underhood specifications sticker - hopefully it is still there and readable. It should be in front of the radiator somewhere.

Err code on Nissan Pulsar CD radio?

Switch the ignition to "accessories" or "acc" (turn the key 1 click in the ignition) with "err" displaying on the radio, leave the key in the ingnition for 1-3 hours. "err" should now be replaced with "code" allowing you to enter the correct code a and unlock the radio

How do you find ignition key code of a 1994 Nissan Sentra SE?

To find the ignition key code for a 1994 Nissan Sentra SE, check the owner's manual. You can also contact the manufacturer to obtain the code.

What does code p1320 mean?

Trouble code P1320 means: Ignition Signal - Primary

What is code 42 on a olds cutlass ciera?

Code 42 on an Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera means you have a faulty ignition control module. You should inspect all electrical connectors to ensure they are tight.

Where is the key code for the ignition key?

The key code for an ignition key is different for each make and model of car. The thing to do is contact the dealership or a locksmith to find the correct key code for the make and model of the vehicle in question.

Replaced the crankshaft sensor as per the code check engine light still stay on cycle code and you still says chrankshaft senor Does any one know what it could be?

The crankshaft sensor code is generic for a general ignition problem. It can be the spark plug wires, or fouled plugs. Most likely, you have one or two bad ignition coils that need to be replaced (this was the case with my 97 SL2 with that code). In my SL2, I replaced both the 1/3 & 2/4 coils (about $80 total) and the code disappeared and hasn't been back since.

Where is the key code located on a 2004 Kawasaki Ninja?

The key code will be in one of two spots. The first location will be behind the ignition switch, etched into the black metal housing; think between the ignition switch and front fairing. If you do not see your code there, the lower end of your ignition switch will list this code. With a flashlight and your handlebars turned all the way to the left you can read the key code from looking at the ignition switch from the bottom right of the bike. This info was for a ninja 250/500 since you did not specify

What does the p1320 code on a q45 mean?

Trouble code P1320 means: Ignition Signal - Primary

What do code p0304 mean on a 99 expedition?

the number 4 cylinder in the engine is misfiring. that SUV should have an ignition coil on plug which is a common problem.

What does Hyundai fault code 1312?

Ignition coil 2

What is code 42 on your 1993 Chevrolet lumina?

Code 42 is the ignition module faulty or loose connections.

What area code starts with 63?

Country code +63 is the Philippines.

How do you tell if thebattery is still under warrenty?

The battery should have a code stamped into it. The code will give the manufactured date. Take the battery to a store that sells that brand and they can determine if it is still under warrenty.

How do you reset the computer on an 2002 Pontiac grand am after you have installed a new ignition switch?

When you install a new ignition switch, you should disconnect the battery. That will perform a computer code reset. If you are still getting codes, something is wrong. Check your wiring and make sure everything is properly connected and not shorted. Check the computer versus security system synchronization, particularly the key code sensor which is near the ignition switch. Make sure you did not break any of the conductors in the "clock spring" that connects the steering column with the rotating parts of the steering wheel. See the manufacturer's documentation for specifics.

If your check engine light came on and the car started ru nning rough and then the check engine light went out would the code still be stored the cars ecm?

Yes. The code should still be there.

What does code p1328 mean?

Manufacturer Contrl Ignition System or misfire.

What does the p1320 code mean on a 98 infiniti i30?

ignition misfire