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6 " Thanks! I actually already found out that 6.5"s will fit too because that's what I put in.

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Q: What size are the speakers in the front doors of a 1995 F-350 Crew Cab?
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What size are the factory speakers in a 2005 gmc canyon crew cab?

6.5" in all four doors

What size are the speakers in a 2005 Ford F-250 crew Cab?

5x7 or 6x8 All Doors

What speakers fit in a 2001 Nissan Frontier crew cab?

6.5 front.........5.25 rear

Will 5x7 speakers fit in the rear doors of 02 silverado crew cab?

No if its a crew cab they are the same as the fronts. Which is 6 3/4 speakers. You can buy 6 3/4 speakers which are not too common or you can buy adapters that will make the more common 6 1/2 fit.

What size are the speakers in a 2001 dodge Dakota crew cab?

6 1/2 front and back

What size are the factory speakers in a 2007 GMC Sierra Crew Cab?

Front speakers Front Door: 6-3/4" factory speaker note Far rear speakers Rear Pillar: 4x6" factory speaker note

What are the size of the speakers on a 2004 Ford F-150 Super Crew? can tell you speaker sizes for any vehical.according to Crutchfield, you can use 5" x 7" or 6" x 8" in the front and rear doors, remember to always consider radio output and when replacing speakers.

What size door speakers fit 2009 Nissan Frontier crew cab?

front 6x9, rear 6.5

What size speakers are in a 2001 silverado 1500 hd crew cab?

The front door speakers in the 2001 Silverado 1500 HD Crew Cab measure 6 3/4 inches. The rear side panel speakers measure 4 inches by 6 inches.

What size speakers does a 2004 Chevy Colorado crew cab truck have?

6 3/4" speakers front and rear in a four door 2004 Chevy Colorado.

What size are the speakers for a 2002 Chevrolet silverado crew cab?

6.5" with separate tweeters in front and 6.5" no tweeters in the rear.

What size are Chevy Colorado speakers?

crew cab door speakers are 6.5"

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