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Front door 6 1/2 inch and rear deck 6 1/2 inch. You don't need to cut the wires at all, I just got mine installed in 5 minutes with the adapter speaker plug, I got them from Amazon for 16 bucks but you save a lot of time and you don't mess the wire system of your car with the black tape and stuff.

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Q: What size speakers do you put into a 1992 Honda civic?
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What size speakers does a 95 Honda civic coupe?

The 1995 Honda Civic Coupe has six and a half inch speakers. Some models in the Civic Coupe series do not have rear speakers.

What size speakers does a 1991 Honda Civic DX 4 doors sedan have?

The 1991 Honda civic uses 6.5" speakers for both front and rear.

What size speakers are in a 1993 Honda Civic hatchback?

The speakers in a 1993 Honda Civic are 6 1/2 inches. These cars can fit 6x9 inch speakers with little to none modification.

What size are the front and rear speakers in a 1995 Honda civic?


What size speakers does 2000 Honda Civic SI use?

is it a coupe or a hatchback

What size are 1989 Honda civic speakers?

I have a 1989 civic dx: door 6.5", rear deck, 6.5"

Whats the size rear0 speakers are in a 2011 Honda civic coupe?

what size is the front and rear speakers for a 95 grand jeep cherokee?

Speaker size 01 Honda civic?

Standard speaker size for a 2001 Honda Civic is 6.5 inches. The units are located in places with ample room, due to this speakers can be easily upgraded in size.

What is the stock exhaust pipe size on a 1992 Honda Civic?


What size are the stock speakers on a 1992 Honda Civic EX 4-door sedan?


What is the stock speaker size front and rear of a 2002 Honda civic dx?

The stock front speaker size on a 2002 Honda Civic is 6.5 inches. These speakers are located inside the door panels of the vehicles.

What size front speakers are in a 1999 Honda Civic lx?

Should be 6.5" speakers in the front doors and 6"x9" in the back dash

What is the engine size of a Honda Civic?

The engine size of the Honda Civic is 1.8 litres.

What size wiper blades fit a 1992-1995 Honda Civic?

The 1992-1995 Honda Civic takes 22" driver side and 18" passenger side replacement wiper blades.

What size are the factory speakers in a 1998 Honda civic hatchback?

the rear are 6x9...if im not mistaken the fron are 4

What size speakers does a 1998 Honda civic hx have?

In-dash stereo " depth; Size code E Front speakers Front Door: 6-1/2" Rear speakers Rear Deck: 6x9"

What is the stock door speaker size on a 2000 Honda civic lx?

The stock front door speaker size for a 2000 Honda Civic LX is 6 1/2 inches. The rear deck speakers are 6 by 9 inches.

What is the lug nut size for a 2003 Honda Civic?

the lug nut size on your Honda civic is a 19mm .....

What size are 1992 Honda accord rear speakers?

6 1/2 inch round. ..

What are the front and rear speaker sizes of a 2004 Honda civic lx?

The standard size for speakers in a 2004 Honda Civic is 6.5 inches. The components have enough room where they are mounted to be upgraded into larger louder units.

What is the 1992 Honda Civic factory tire size?

195/55/15 195/55/15

What size speakers are in a 2001 Honda civic?

For most civics its the same, 3x2 in the front and 6x9's in the back behind the passengers.

What is the 2009 Honda Civic factory tire size?

235/75/22 is the factory size for 2009 Honda Civic

What is the gas tank size of a Honda Civic 2008?

Honda Civic 2008 has a gas tank size of 13.2 gallons

What is the base engine size of the 2013 Honda Civic?

The 2013 Honda Civic has a 1.8 L base engine size.