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Pull all of the stuff that is in the way, pull the head, take it to a machine shop, have them plane the head, (while you're at it, have them do the valves too if there are very many miles) reassemble the engine making sure that you torque the head according to manufacturer specifications, put back all of the stuff that was in the way, then drive off. Seriously, if you haven't already done one with the help of an experienced mechanic, don't try it alone.

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Q: What steps do you take to replace a blown head gasket on a 1994 Mazda 626 LX 4cyl 2oL?
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If bubbles in a 1992 Stanza radiator mean blown head gasket what is the torque on the head bolts?

22 up to 73 ft.lbs. in 6 (SIX) steps.

How can a blown head gasket be fixed on a 95 kia sportage?

Basically: pull cylinder head, remove old gasket, install new gasket, put cylinder head back. Do note that this is a simplification, there are plenty of intermediate steps I haven't listed. Odds are, if you have to ask you don't have the skills to do the job.

Why would a Ford 390 blow white steam and water from one side of the dual exhaust?

You possibley have a blown head gasket on the side that is blowing water and steam. 390 s are good solid blocks pull the head on that side and check carefuly to see if you can spot the bypassed gasket. If not a gasket a good idea to have the heads checked for cracks then the engine. Small steps. could be a blown head gasket on that side, or a bad intake gasket. The side you see white smoke from has a head gasket or cracked head problem. If sparkplug has water or rust on it you have located the cyl of question. Is it the Intake manifold or head gasket. Water runing into intake valve would be noticeable when you pull the intake manifold. You might hear knock when motor is hot, that would indicate steam knock from blown head gasket. Piston in question would be steam clean from antifreeze hard blast on ignition................. ........ do a compression test, a week cylinder could indicate not only a blown head gasket but also tell you what cylinder.

How do you step by step replace a head gasket on a 1998 Ford Windstar?

Too many steps to list here. Purchase a repair manual for that vehicle from your local auto parts store.

How do you change alternator belt on a 1998 Mazda 626?

To change the alternator belt on a 1998 Mazda 626 you need to first loosen the bolt that is located in the center of the adjustment pulley. Next, turn the adjustment bolt to the left until the belt is loose and can be removed. Reverse the steps to replace with the new belt.

Should a mechanic be able to tell that a cylinder head gasket is about to blow especially when they have been told that the engine is running hot?

No. He can tell you if it is blown but not if it is about to blow. Clay is 100% right. Remember that overheating can be caused by other problems or not performing routine maintainance-- which in turn may cause the head gasket to fail AND all steps should be taken to inspect/repair the coolant system. The head gasket failing or head warpage may be the result of the cooling system not working properly.

How do you replace head gasket on a 1985 Nissan 200sx?

for under 20 dollars you can buy a repair manual for a specific vehicle at most auto parts stores there are so many diffrent steps it is almost impossible to give an answer to such a question

How do you change a pcv hose on a 2004 mpv Mazda?

Go to they have step by steps

How to replace concrete preformed steps?

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What are the steps for a complete gasket overhaul on a 1993 Thunderbird 3.8L?

Go Buy a book, You'll need it.

How do you replace fuel injectors on 1997 gmc Yukon?

Replacing fuel injectors is a complex process that includes various steps. Before you replace injectors you should have them tested. Steps to replace would be , releave fuel pressure, disconnect batery, and unplug the injectors and replace.

What steps do you take to replace the radiator in a 1991 Sunbird?

call birdman

Where is the engine plenum gasket in a 1999 Nissan quest 6 Cy?

The upper intake manifold may also be referred to as the intake plentum. If you are going to replace that gasket you might as well change the lower manifold gasket and knock sensor ( under the lower manifold with 1 bolt holding it to block). Do yourself a favor and CHANGE the knock sensor because they fail all the time on that engine. Read the repair manual (could be found at library or bought at parts store) and understand all the steps before attempting.

Explain the removal steps to removing the gas tank from a 1995 Mazda B4000 pickup truck please?

Chop it up

How do you remove the dash cluster to replace burned out dash lights 1999 Mazda B4000?

Kind of hard to explain and describe the process. Recommend you purchase Haynes Repair Manual #36071 (1993-2005 Ford Ranger Pickups/ 1994-2005 Mazda Pickups) or check at your local library to see if there is one available. You will find all the steps plus illustrations on how to perform the job.

Do you have to remove engine to replace the oil pan gasket in a 1995 Dodge Dakota 4x4 with 5.2L and auto trans. Timing chain cover is already removed. If replaceable in truck what are the steps?

I have the manual, and in it it just says to remove the front axle then drop the pan to remove it :( lol Those are the steps, you have to remove the entire front axle assembly to remove the oil pan.

How do you replace head gasket 2002 2.2 L Pontiac Sunfire?

Go buy a manual from your local parts store. Like most auto repairs, it involves multiple detailed steps. Read up on what you need to do, and which tools you'll require. After that, decide whether you have the skills, time, and tools to undertake it.

How do you replace the oil pan gasket in a 2000 Mitsubishi eclipse gt?

Go to The forum website has the 3rd and 4th generation Service Manuals. Look at section 11C - Engine Mechanical.pdf which has detailed diagrams and the disassembly/removal/installation steps for the upper and lower oil pan.

How do you steps on replacing intake manifold gasket on a 1998 Chevy venture?

extremely difficult without removing the engine. i have seen some drop the engine down about a foot by disconnecting the motor and transmission mounts & did not disconnect alot of lines and were able to change the intake gasket.

How do you change an alternator on a 2003 Ford Escape?

steps to replace alternator on 2003 ford d150

What steps should be used in solving calorimetry problems?

replace experimental q's with temerature changes

If During which of the following steps of Marx's transition from capitalism to communism would people join a movement to replace the current government?

Revolution. [APEX]

Is it expensive and hard to replace voltage regulator on 96 dodge avenger?

The regulator is part of the engine computer. It is expensive and has some important steps involved to replace.

What steps do you take to replace a head gasket on a 1999 grand am gt?

(not An Answer) There is so many thing involved in doing the head, and it would be too much to list on here. So if there is an Autozone or Kragen/Checkers, get you a Haynes Repair Manual. They tell you step by step and show illustrations, and the book should be no more than $15.

Should timing belt be replacled in 60K maintenance of 2001 Mazda 626 car?

Yes-It should be replaced. You may also want to replace the water pump at the same time if there is any question of it leaking The steps to replace the belt will allow the pump to be replaced with a minimal labor charge-if any. If the belt breaks, you're looking at a new or rebuilt engine. Depending on where you live $3000-$6000.