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There is no emancipation statute in Ohio.

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Q: What steps would a 16-year-old with a baby need to take to become emancipated in Ohio?
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How can you become emancipated?

you have to go to the court first and ask them and you have to have a job and someone over the age of 18 an adult as i would say and they have to be a responsible adult at that then the court will decide if you can become emancipated you don't have to have permission from your parents to become emancipated just a court order that's it you have to go to the court first and ask them and you have to have a job and someone over the age of 18 an adult as i would say and they have to be a responsible adult at that then the court will decide if you can become emancipated you don't have to have permission from your parents to become emancipated just a court order that's it

How does a mother become emancipated from her kids?

A parent does not become emancipated from their children. A child can become emancipated from a parent under certain circumstances. A parent can lose custody of a child if a court finds that they are not fit to parent. Generally, this would be based on a finding of abuse, neglect or abandonment.

If you become emancipated will you still receive your social security check until your 18?

No...when you become emancipated you have all the rights as a 18 year old adult would. Meaning you have to work for your money. Sad day.

How can you become a teenage model without parental consent?

You would have to be either eighteen, or legally emancipated to do that, I would imagine.

At what age can a child become emancipated in Kansas?

I would like to know the age of emancipation in kansas.

Can a minor be emancipated if she has a child in Nevada?

Having a child does not emancipate a minor. To become emancipated, the minor would have to petition the court, and it would have to be granted by a judge. It's rarely granted in any state. The fact that a minor has a child does not give them any advantage, and in fact, it generally makes it even moredifficult for them to become emancipated (for a multitude of reasons).

How long does it take to get adopted when you turn eighteen?

At age eighteen you are beyond adoption, you would become emancipated (in the US).

How old do you have to be to become an Australian citizen?

You can become an Australian citizen at any age. However, to fill out your own papers, you would have to be legal, therefore 18 or emancipated at 16.

How does a 16 year old become emancipated?

I would look on a more law-full site, but as far as I know you need to have reason that you should be emancipated, and if you know it or not there are many types of emancipation, you also have to have means to live, such as a place to stay, an income of some type, and a few other things. It is not easy but like I said if you want to be emancipated you have to do the research, have good reason, and if you really want to become emancipated you better have a lawyer of some type to back you up and help you understand loop-holes and faults in the system...that's the best I can explain how to become emancipated...I hope what I have said helps.

If you let your daughter marry at 17 will you still be legally responsible for her?

When a minor marries they become emancipated, so you would no longer be responsible for her.

Do you keep medicad if you get emancipated?

No. Since you are emancipated you would have to apply under your own name for it.

What are the steps that you should take to become emancipated?

The steps for being emancipated are actually quite difficult. You have to set up a court date with a judge. When you go to court you will have to be able to prove that you are fully capable of caring for yourself with no assisstance. But that doesn't always mean you have to live by yourself. Also when you go before the judge you will have to be able to show evidence that you would be better off without your parents. This is a difficult step. Judges will however look favorably upon people who do have jobs and their own means of transportation.

What if your 32yrs of age dating a 16yearold?

You're a bit strange would be the simplest way of putting it. But there are no laws about dating. There are laws about sexual contact. And this could be illegal in a number of states and countries.

What age do you have to be to legally move out of a parent's house in Arizona?

The best thing to do would be to gecome emancipated. That can usually happen around the age of 16. if you don't become emancipated you have to wait till 18 just like in every other state

If you are emancipated and have had problems with juvenile before when you get emancipated can you still get in trouble with juvenile?

I believe that if you become imancipated, at that point the court sees you as responible enough to live on your own. However if you get into trouble with another minor then, you would be considered contributing to the deliquency of a minor

Can you become emancipated if you have a criminal record?

Only the judge that hears your emancipation petition can make that decision, but as an experienced opinion - I would not think that you had a good chance at it.

Can a 12 year old be emancipated in Texas?

Haha, wow your very funny. When your 12 why would you need to be emancipated? But the answer is a no.

In San Antonio Texas can a 17 year old leave home?

In San Antonio, Texas, you cannot legally leave home without the permission of a parent or guardian. If you want to leave home, you must become an emancipated minor. You would have to petition the court to do so and you would need to prove that you can take care of your self on your own. You will also need a legitimate reason for wanting to become emancipated.

An emancipated slave?

An emancipated slave is a free person. As a free person, they have every right that a citizen of the United States would have.

Can a chid be emancipated at age 20?

Typically a child is emancipated when they reach the age of 18. There would be no reason to emancipate them, they are an adult.

How many serfs were emancipated in Russia?

A good estimate would be that just over 40 million serfs were "emancipated" in 1861.

Where would you go to get Emancipated and can you do things on your own even though you are not 18?

To get emancipated you would have to go to the courts and prove you can live on your own. Then you will have to do things on your own because your parents would not be legally responsible for you anymore.

I am 17 yrs old and my parents are currently being separated In the state of Pennsylvania would it be easier for me to become emancipated now if me boyfriend became my legal guardian?

It appears that you don

How does a 17 year old get a court order to marry in Texas?

You would have to go before a judge to prove that you have the ability to support yourself and become emancipated to marry. The judge would look at the facts and make a decision.

If your mother receives Social Security survivor benefits for your care who will get the money if you become emancipated at age 16?

Social Security laws would determine the allocation of benefits. Some possible options are, the emancipated minor would receive the benefits directly, a payee representative would be appointed for the named person or benefit payments would no longer be applicable due to the minor having gained legal adult status.