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If the ecm doesn't see oil pressure after 2 seconds it will cut off power to the pumpBad fuel pump relay or blown fuse.


As well if the inertia switch was tripped that will also stop power to the fuel pump.

Would this cause the HVAC #21 fuse in the inside of truck to keep blowing?

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Q: What stops power to the fuel pump?
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What do the fuel pump relay do?

Starts and stops the fuel pump depending on fuel pressure.

What does the fuel pump relay do?

Starts and stops the fuel pump at the correct time.

What is an explanation of relay 913157 function?

The fuel pump relay, is controlled by the EEC module, which provides power to fuel pump under various operating conditions. When ignition is in "OFF" position, EEC power and fuel pump relay contacts are open. After engine starts, power to fuel pump is supplied through fuel pump relay. EEC module senses engine speed and shuts off fuel pump relay when engine stops.

What does fuel pump relay do on 1988 chev truck?

Starts and stops the fuel pump.

What stops the gas from going from the fuel pump to the motor?

Blown fuel pump fuse, defective fuel pump relay, bad fuel pump, or clogged fuel filter.

When you run out of gas do you lose your power steering?

yes,because engine will stop if engine will stop ,power steering pump will stop. Yes, the power steering pump is powered by the rotation of the motor which is powered by fuel. If the motor stops the pump stops and steering becomes very labored especially at lower speeds.

Why would there be no power to the fuel pump?

that can be because of the fuel pump relay,a severed wire to the fuel pump or the fuel pump fuse is blown.

What are the causes for no power at the fuel pump on a 1988 c30 with a 5.7?

what is the cause of no power at the fuel pump

If you blew a fuse would the fuel pump constantly kick on and off?

No. When a fuse blows it stops power from getting to the attached devices. It would power off and stay off. IF the fuel pump was attached to a self-resetting circuit breaker, then the power might cycle on and off.

How do you know if a fuel pump is going out?

The car stops running.

What is the fuel pump relay and what does it do?

It routs power to the fuel pump. After it is gotten it's coil power from the computer.

Power to fuel pump but not pumping fuel?

If you're getting power to the pump this proves the fuel pump fuse and fuel pump relay are good. That leaves only two possibilities. Either the pump is running but it's not pumping fuel. Or possibly the fuel filter is clogged.

When do you need a new fuel pump?

When the old one becomes noisy, weak, or stops pumping fuel altogether. Assuming the fuel filter is not clogged, the fuel pump fuse is not blown, and the fuel pump relay is good.

How would you know when a fuel pump relay has to be changed?

probably when the pump stops working! WOW

1998 Chevy S10 no power to fuel pump?

fuel pump relay

No power to the fuel pump?

Blown fuse or defective fuel pump relay.

Fuel pump lost power on Lincoln Town Car?

Check the fuel pump fuse and the fuel pump relay.

Does Nissan Sentra have a fuel pump reset button?

no, but there is a relay or fuse for the fuel pump you can pull. there really is no way to "reset" a fuel pump. if it stops working it needs to be replaced, assuming the pump is the cause of the failure

Does a mechanical fuel pump stop in the closed position?

The arm of a mechanical fuel pump follows a cam and wherever the engine stops, that's where the fuel pump stops. The mechanical fuel pump is nothing more than a diaphragm with a couple "check valves" to force the fuel to only go in one direction. The diaphragm is spring loaded providing an effective pressure limitation.

Can the fuel pump relay on a 94 Volvo 940 cut the car off?

If the relay is not supplying power to the fuel pump, then no fuel to the motor. No fuel - no power.

Why does the fuel pump stops working when you hit the ignition?

The fuel pump may stop working when you hit the ignition due to the mechanical failure.

Thought the fuel pump was bad change pump still no power to pump?

Check the fuel pump relay and fuse.

What would cause the fuel pump to stopworking?

A number of things come to mind:no gas in the tankclogged fuel filter (stops fuel flow completely)blown fuse for fuel pumpfuel pump diedIts broke. replace it.

What does fuel pump relay do 1979 VW beetle?

Supplies power to the fuel pump.

Where is the fuel reset button on a 2005 Chevy silverado?

Chevy never had a fuel reset button on any of there trucks. Check fuel pump for power at the fuel tank/fuel sending unit. If you have power there then replace pump. If you have no power at the fuel sending unit then CHECK the fuel pump fuse and relay.