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Q: What term refers to practicing a series of exercises meant to discipline the mind and body?
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Is a series of exercises practiced as part of the Hindu discipline?

The answer is yoga (:

What is a series of exercises practiced as part of the Hindu disipline?

Daily Meditation, Yoga, Self discipline, Chastise. Regular praying to god and helping those in need.

How do you tell what series a dollar bill is?

Series refers to the year. It will say Series of #### on the front of it.

What does SORE stands for in The Series of Untforunate Event?

Special Orphan Running Exercises

What is Palaties?

It is a series of exercises designed to stretch, tighten and tone the muscles of the body.

What is sixometrics?

Sixometrics is the term used by Nicholas Kounovsky. It refers to a series of (mostly) calisthenic exercises designed to develop the six important attributes of physical fitness: Strength; Equilibrium or balance; Endurance; Suppleness; Speed; and Skill or coordination.

The major practice of Falun Gong is?

A series of five exercises, performed while standing and sitting.

Did the roman empire lose its discipline and thus endanger the roman empire and cause it to be overrun?

No, the failure of the Roman Empire was not the result of lack of discipline, it was mainly the result of a series of civil wars.

What term refers to the arithmetic average of a series of numbers?

The mean

What is meant by arithmetic sum?

That refers to the sum of an arithmetic series.

What has the author Henry Cecil Spencer written?

Henry Cecil Spencer has written: 'Technical drawing problems, series 2' -- subject(s): Mechanical drawing, Problems, exercises 'Technical drawing problems, series 3' -- subject(s): Mechanical drawing, Problems, exercises

What is the difference between the legends and series in Excel?

A series is the actual data that you are going to have on your chart. It refers to the cells the data is in and has a name for the series. The Legend indicates which series is which, for example indicating which colour line or slice or bar or column refers to which series. It acts as a key to your chart, so you know what you are looking at. So the Legend will have a name for the series and an associated colour with it.

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