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You should never install a body lift of more than 2". You should be able to fit that size tire without a lift, just be sure you have proper backspacing on your wheels. If you still want a body lift I suggest going with a one inch. even with a 3 inch body lift they will still rub

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โˆ™ 2005-11-04 01:02:33
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Q: What the best body lift for 95 jimmy that will fit 31 105015?
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Can you put a suspension and a body lift at the same time?

Yes you can, But a suspension lift will mess up your ride, It will not ride or drive as good as it does now.A body lift will no alter the suspension or change the way it handles.Body lift is the best way to go.

Can you fit 33 12.5 R15 on a 1996 GMC Jimmy with a 2 body lift?

No!Your tire will not clear the wheel wells.

Can you install a body lift kit on top of a spacer lift kit?

Of course. Body lifts just lift the body of the vehicle. While spacer lift kits lift your vehicle using the suspension. Body lifts will not improve clearance while spacer lift kits will.

How much lift is needed for you to put 31x10.50x15s on your 91 GMC Jimmy S-15 4x4?

4" suspension do not try a body lift, go to Superlift's web site, they have a chart that tells exactly what is needed.

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Where can you find a body lift for a 2001 ford explorer sport 4x4?

super lift carries a body lift for the sport trac

Can you add a body lift on a 95 jeep Cherokee if you've already got a suspension lift?

NO , The Cherokee is a unibody setup which means that the body and the frame are one piece. A body lift requires the frame and the body to be separate order to put a spacer in to lift the body off the frame.

What is the difference between a suspension lift and a body lift?

one lifts the suspension and one lifts the body

How do you install a body lift on a Jeep Cherokee?

Jeep Cherokee's are unibody. You cannot install a body lift.

Will a 4wd 1998 Chevy lift kit on a 2000?

Body lift MAYBE. suspension lift ? NO...

What is the smallest body lift kit for a 1984 Cutlass Supreme for 26 inch rims?

4 inch body lift or 6 inch frame lift

How much does a lift kit?

good question depends on what kind of lift body or suspension and what is the lift going on

Which is better a body lift or a suspension lift on a 2008 Jeep Wrangler?


What kind of lift you need for 26s on a 95 Buick lesabre?

body lift

What is the best way to remove the transmission bolts in a 1986 Chevrolet Blazer?

Take all your body mounts out and lift your body a couple of inches and block it and you will be able to get to them with ease.

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Can you do a body lift on a unibody vehicle?


What is the difference in a body and a suspension lift?

A body lift does just that, lifts the body and gives more tire clearance( stock suspension). A suspension lift gives more clearance but also give more suspension travel for off roading.

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1990 k5 blazer has a 8 in lift with 2 in body lift and since you put the body lift on it will not start everything else is fine but just will not turn over?

Chances are the body lift was made of urethane and has isolated the body from the frame. Try putting a bonding jumper of 4 gauge or larger wire from the frame to the body to re-establish your complete circuit. This may correct your problem.

Can you put a 3 inch body lift on a 97 jeep wrangler without adjusting anything else?

yes you can if you go on and look up a 3 inch body lift it tells you that you can do it. From my personal knowledge a body lift is obviously just the body and does not mess with suspension at all.

How do you lift a truck?

You need to buy a suspension lift kit or a body lift kit... a suspension kit is better and looks nicer

Where can you find a body lift for a 2001 2wd 2door ford explorer sport?

4 wheel parts has them check them out i also saw a explorer kit that did the same pa body lift will help you if all else fails wish u the best i am doing the same to mine

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If i put 33x12.50 on your truck will you need a lift?

I have 33x12.5 on my truck and a three inch body lift