What the difference between a knight and a warrior?

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A knight is unique to the feudal system, they were noble warriors who owned land, peasants, and worked for the king.
A warrior is anyone who fights well in battle
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What is the difference between a soldier and a warrior?

A soldier is the person that has just entered any Military force, the warrior is the person that being part of a Military force goes to combat solider=grunt or worker warrior=

What is the difference between a papal knight and a knight knighted by the queen?

The Papal Knighthood ( there are or were various grades of nobility) was purely honorary and not a real title of nobility. One should not confuse the idea of a Papal Knight wi

What is the difference between Warrior Cats and Warriors?

The term "Warrior Cats" is often used to refer to the Warriors book series by Erin Hunter, even though the series is actually titled "Warriors". This is because there are many

What is the difference between a knight and a samurai?

A samurai was a male born into the Japanese warrior caste, and trained in, among other things, the martial arts of Japan (including weapons) and bushido, the Shinto-based Code

What are the differences between samurai's and knights?

Samurai were geographically located in Japan where knights were in Europe. Often times Samurai would follow a religion such as Daoism, Confucianism, or Buddhism. Knights had a

What is the difference between a knight and squire?

The medieval meaning of the word squire was simply a ' knight in training '... it was the stage after being a page on the way to becoming a knight. They served an existing kni

Who would win between knights or thai warriors?

Easy question, Knights. If you are talking about the French Knight, their armor is far superior. Even if the Thai warrior were to make it through a quarter inch of steel, he a

What are some similarities between samurai and knight warriors?

They both began training at around age 7, both would have fought and died for honor, both extremely fit and well trained. both served a fuedal lord, daimyo for the samurai and
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What is the difference between a killer and a warrior?

A killer is a person who kills a person with non good reason andkills with no true morals. A warrior is person have good morals andhave honor and only kill if they have to. If
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What is the difference between vassal and knight?

Nothing. A knight could be a vassal to his liege lord. When a squire is knighted, the new knight must swear alligence to his lord. When a liege lord calls on his vassals in ti
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What is the difference between knight and night?

Knight: A knight is a person granted an honorary title of knighthood by a monarchy or other political leader for service to the monarch or country, especially in a militar