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Make sure it is recorded correctly with your creditor and the local credit bureau

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Q: What to do after paying off a car repo?
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If the lienholder repos car due to default and you never missed a payment and continue paying off car is that no different than a regular repo?

When it gets to your CR, a repo is a repo is a repo. Theres only one.

Making car payments can your car be repo?

If your paying for the car, they cannot!

Can your car be repo if you have no insurance?

The repo man will not care if your car has insurance or not. If you haven't been paying for your car, the finance company or bank will take their car back.

What happens if you stop paying your car loan?


Will paying off a repo car fix your credit?

It won't fix it, but paying off any remaining debt from the vehicle should help your credit rating. Unfortunately, a repossession will linger on your credit report for about 7 years.

Can the bank repo a car that has a mechanics lien on it without paying mechanic?

No, not in Oklahoma anyways.

Did Luis from operation repo repo a car from shorty off of pit boss?

Yes, he sure did.

Can the repo people keep belongings inside the car?

Yes. once they repo the car the only was to get items back is to pay off what you owe

If you pay your entire balance after your car is repossessed and the car is returned to you why will the lender report negative on your credit report?

Paying the car off was good but having to repo it to get it paid off was BAD or negative. the lender did report that it was PIF,HUH?? So they reported the good and the bad.

How long does a paid off car repo stay on your credit report?

7 years from the date of repo.

Does paying off a deficency on a repossesion take it off your credit as a repo?

NO. What this will do is satisfy the debt only. This will show in favor on your credit, but it will still show as a repo. You are better off paying the debt. If you are doing this, make sure to have them issue a satifaction of debt letter to the credit bureaus. This will increase your score.

If a repo company comes to get your car can they still take your car if you pay the amount owed before they have a chance to get the car?

as long as you are in DEFAULT of the contract, they can repo the car. Dont forget the time element involved between you paying up and the repo co. being notified that you did pay. Have your reciept ready to show the repopeople that you DID pay and WHEN.

If a repo has been placed on your car but you pay for the car before they pick it up can they still pick it up?

Contact the lender they are the ones who call off the repo.

What if you pay 95 percent of your car loan and you stop paying Can it be repo?

Yes! Even if you've payed 99.999999...% your car will still be reposessed.

What can I do- I live in GA. Contract for my roommate to buy my used car was made. Title and insurance is in my name-with roommate added as a driver. roommate has moved-not paying-what can i do?

If the contract is legal and binding then repo the car. You can hire a repo company.

Can you remove your custom sound system out a repossessed car?

After a repo you have the right to get your belongs out of the car and your tag off the car.

If you bought a car in Virginia and can no longer afford it can you do a voluntary repo and not have your wages garnished?

A repo is a repo, voluntary or not. Do not do a voluntary repo or any other repo. Terrible idea!!! Call the lender and work something out. See if you can find someone to take over the payments or possible sell the car to another part and pay off the loan. If you are upside down on the loan, then sell the car and borrow the balance to pay it off. Having your car reposed is a very bad idea. Your credit will be ruined for 7 years. You will also have the pay the difference in what the lender sells your car for and the balance on the note, plus repo fees. Do whatever it takes to prevent this from happening. I can assure you the lender does not want to repo your car. Call them!!!!

What do you do if a lienholder has put a repossession on your credit report without retrieving the car with the damage already done to your credit?

First question is, was there a repo? Was the car NOT worth repoing? The lender doesnt have to retrieve the car on any certain day. You still have the option of paying off the loan.

What if they can not find your car to repo it?

If they can't find it & you can't drive it; what difference does that make? How about doing the right thing and paying for it?

Will able to purchase a car after a repo?

Will i be able to purchase another car later on if my car is repo

How many months of not paying a car before bank can repo the car?

Depends on the lending institution but the S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure) for most is 3 months.

What are the penalties for not paying a title loan?

they would more than likely take your car!! Repo your car and bad mark on your credit history.

Can your car be repo after 38 day's?

can my car be repo 38 day's in default?

Should you pay off your repo car?

You should pay off your repossessed car if you want to fix your credit quickly. If you are not worried about your credit, you can wait to pay off the car or file for bankruptcy.

Can Chrysler financial turn your car off for not paying car note?