What to take to a Fiance Visa Interview in Manila Philippines?


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When you are going to an interview for a fiance Visa, you will need to take the documents that the office requested. You will need proof of residency and proof that the relationship is real.

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You should bring as many email and skype messages from your fiance to the Manila Embassy interview that will prove a continuing relationship with your fiance.

Currently an American citizen is not able to obtain a fiance visa for a same-sex fiance.

A fiance visa has a shorter processing time compared to marriage-based immigration visas. This is specific to the US. Canada does not have a fiance visa

USCIS Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiance must be filed for fiance visa. Filing fee for a fiance visa is $340.

A fiance visa allows American citizens to bring their fiance into the United States. This visa allows the non-citizen fiance to enter the United States and live with the American Citizen until they marry.

The best way to bring fiance to live in US after failing interview is to go and marry her in home country so that she can qualify for visa as a spouse. However, this depends on your immigration status.

Here is a list of some things that you would need to get a fiance visa; if you are a law abiding citizen, if you have met your fiance in person, if you are both free to marry, can you support your fiance in the usa.

Yes provided your fiance has no other visa and not already in US. For marriage purpose, its important for your fiance to enter US with a fiance visa and also to get married within 90 days after entering US else she would have to return to home country.

The very purpose of your Fiance visa becomes redundant. you cannot get the fiance visa any more!WHen you fill out DS 156K, there is a question saying you cannot get a fiance visa if you are already married. There are other ways like a K-3 visa, but if you are applying for a K-1, why not wait till you finish up? Why pay your lawyers thru the nose- AGAIN?

A fiance Visa is required for immigrants who wish to enter the United States. Check with a local immigration lawyer to find out the requirements and qualifications for this type of Visa.

The minimum processing time for a Fiance Visa is 6 months. For more Visit at

Citizens from the Philippines do not need a tourist visa for entering Brazil. As visa regimes are constantly changing it is advisable to always consult with the Brazilian Consulate or Embassy prior to travel. Brazil follows the visa regime of reciprocity of fee waivers.

Does the illegal alien have to interview in her country for her F-1 visa

no, a Ghanaian citizen don't a visa to enter Philippines

You need to be prepared psychologically, mentally and physically for the telephone interview for the student visa.

I would say a tourist visa (6 month) is best because a fiance visa limits your time and is not one that can be renewed like a tourist visa. You can renew a tourist visa for 6 months. It does not always get approved but it is something that is possible with the tourist and not with the fiance visa. Now if you plan on getting married as stated in the fiance visa then in that case this would be the one for you. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services,

Yes, as long as the country of citizenship qualifies for the tourist visa in the first place! I am currently in the states visiting my Fiance on a tourist visa from an E.U European country, while my Fiance visa is in process. No problems at all, not doing anything wrong! As long as you plan to leave the country before the visa expires. If you overstay, that's when you run into problems. As a matter of fact it works out better if your fiance does come visit because when it comes to the interview process, the immigration officer wants proof that your relationship is legit. So the more proof you have the better. Make sure to take plenty of pictures and keepsakes, ticket stubs etc from outings and trips as you will need as much proof of your legit relationship as possible. Good luck and enjoy!

my husband iranian need visa to come in philippines?

Get an Immigration Lawyer. They can lead you through everything.

You apply at the German Embassy in Manila. [In your application you had better use CAPITAL letters properly or they will refuse it. I have corrected the grammar to your question.]

Your boyfriend will have to visit Philippines Embassy situated in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan to apply for a visit visa. Philippines embassy normally takes 2-4 weeks to process visa applications. During interview, your boy friend will be inquired about the purpose of visit to Philippines, and to prove this he will have to present documentary evidence.

Not right away. You enter the US with your fiance visa, get married within 3 months and wait for your employment to be approved which takes anywhere from 6 months to a year.

Go to and start the process.

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