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What training do you need to become a marine biologist?


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you need to have a four year batchelors degree

Yes, you need a college degree to become a marine biologist.

To be a marine biologist you need to be really into science, maths and geography. I recommend this website:

To become a marine biologist, you first need a degree in either biology, zoology, or marine biology. Then, you should probably go for a masters or PhD in one of the above fields.

No you don't need to be a marine biologist to be a marine animal trainer.

bravery is one of them. responsibility courage

you will need three A levels for marine biology i suggest oceanology, biology and... thats your choice

NO! Unless you want to be in the field, in which case you need a diving license

well you need a lot of things like the PhD degree an lots of training like 3 years training.

No, but then you would be a marine biologist who understood nothing about physics.

a marine biologist needs a boat an office marine animals and things that aquavets use

to be a marine biologist you will need an AA, BA, BS, MA, MS, and a PhD

you need to getQualifications to become a marine biologist are: A degree in marine biology, Three A-levels, 5 GCSES C or above including English and maths, A-level in biology and another science subject (Optional) Postgraduate degree in marine biology. Diving qualification (Optional but very useful) if you get these you could be a marine biologist

A Ph. D in college.ewarman@att.netYou Need. Strength.Patience.Practice.Science Skills. Math Skills

I think You have to take biology and geography maybe more this answer isn't perfect

none. the Marine Corps will provide all the training you will need.

You should take biology. You can take this class in high school or in collage. hjkrdyuietyu

you need to live somewhere around water, because after all marine means water.

Yes, to be a marine biologist you will need to go to college and get at least a bachelor's degree; most marine biologists in the field have either a Master's or PhD as well.

Really you do not need any experience to become a marine soldier. All that you have to do is make it through the basic training.

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