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Between 1954 and 1975, there were two Vietnams: a North Vietnam and a South Vietnam; divided at the 17th parallel.


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The two Vietnams become ONE Vietnam (one country-albeit a communist country).

There was an entire war that separated Vietnam. Currently Vietnam is split into 2 and one is communisy and the other is not. It divided the country and they now hate eachother.

The two core areas of the country of Vietnam are; North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The capital of North Vietnam was Hanoi. The capital of South Vietnam was Saigon

He separated Vietnam from France and reunited Vietnam.

Vietnam is a country. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam.

Vietnam IS a country. It is in Southeast Asia.

Formally it was two nations: North and South Vietnam. Yes, today it is one unified country (nation)...called Vietnam.

There are two core areas of the country of Vietnam. These core areas include Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam was split into two countries during the vietnam war, the north was ruled by Ho Chi Minh and the South by Ngo Diem.

North Vietnam was a communist country. The Republic of South Vietnam was a free country.

There was no country called "Vietnam" during the war. There was a country called North Vietnam and another country called South Vietnam, which one are you asking about?

Vietnam is a beautiful friendly country and is a popular travel spot.Passport holders can obtain Vietnam tourist visa in two ways. These two are · Applying visa through Vietnam Embassy, · Obtaining on arrival visa. For more information about Vietnam visa :

No Germany is separated from the Mediterranean sea by two countries. Italy is the nearest Mediterranean country, but Germany is separated from Italy by Austria and Switzerland.

North Vietnam has NEVER defeated south Vietnam! They didn't even fight with each other. They are two parts of one country. Where did you get that kind of information??

Vietnam is a country, in the Southeast portion of Asia.

Vietnam is a country in it's own right.

Yes. Vietnam want peace, not war. Of course Vietnam is the heroic country.

Vietnam is a communist country since 1975. Prior to 1975 there were two Vietnams; a NORTH and a SOUTH Vietnam. Those two nations fought from about 1955 until 1975, with the US supporting South Vietnam; which was defeated by force of arms on 30 April 1975.

No, Montenegro and Serbia are two separated countries.

Lao's borders Vietnam west side. Laos is a country and Vietnam is another country they are independent. Laos is not in Vietnam, it is a neighbor.

Two separate countries: South Vietnam was officially called RVN (Republic of South Vietnam). When US servicemen landed in country, they were greeted with "Welcome to the Republic of South Vietnam" (enjoy your stay).

The DMZ at the 17th Parallel.

china was the first country to colonize Vietnam

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