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The country of Turkey occupies the Anatolian Peninsula, often called Asia Minor. The Arabian Peninsula contains several countries including Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Oman.

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What two peninsulas of the Middle East are a part of Asia?

Sinai Peninsula (eastern Egypt) and Arabian Peninsula (mostly Saudi Arabia).

Is Asia in the Middle East?

No. Most of the Middle East is in Asia. The countries in Asia that are in the Middle East only form a very small part of Asia, in its southwest. Egypt, which is in Africa, is also part of the Middle East.

How many part Asia is divided into?

east asia south asia south east asia central asia middle east

Are the Middle East and East Asia the same thing?

Don't ever think that. East Asia is the eastern part of Asia, whereas the Middle East is the western part of Asia and the northeastern part of Africa. There are, depending on the definition, thousands of miles/kilometers splitting the two apart. The Middle East and Southwest Asia are the same thing, but both are different from East Asia.

Is Vietnam in the Middle East?

To be honest , Vietnam is not Part of The Middle East. Vietnam is part of East and Southeast Asia.

Is Israel a part of Asia?

Israel is can be considered part of Asia, but is in the are of the Middle East.

What part of Asia is Iraq in?

middle east

Is the Middle East part of Asia?

The Middle East is mostly in Asia, although Egypt is considered part of the Middle East, which is an African country. The Greater Middle East, which is an expansion of the Middle East by G8 standards, includes all of North Africa, parts of the Horn of Africa, and Afghanistan and Pakistan in addition to the traditional Middle East.

Is the middle east part of Asia or Africa?

Technically Both. Most of the Middle East is in Asia with the Exception of Egypt, which is in Africa.

Is Arabia a part of Asia?

The Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, is part of Asia.

What part of continent is middle east?

The middle-eastern part

Is China considered to be part of the Middle East?

China is not part of the Middle East, but rather the Far East or East Asia, which is a very different region.

What region of Asia is part of the middle east?


Is Jordan the country located in Asia?

yes - the middle east is a part of Asia.

Is Russia part of the Middle East?

no, west of russia is in Europe but the east is in Asia

Egypt is a part of west Asia or middle east?

The Middle East, it is a country mainly in North Africa

What is the middle eastern nation in both Asia and Europe?

Turkey is a country that could be considered to be a part of Europe and a part of the Middle East. A small part of Turkey is in Europe, with the rest being in Asia and could be regarded as part of the Middle East.

Is the Middle East in the continent of Africa?

Part of it is in Africa and part is in Asia, although the vast majority of it is in Asia.

Are the Maldives part of the Middle East?

The Maldives are not traditionally considered part of the Middle East and are instead part of South Asia or the Indian Ocean Islands.

What continent does Afghanistan belong?

Asia But The Middle East part

Is Yemen a part of Europe?

No. Yemen is in Middle East Asia.

Is Iran located in Asia?

Yes. All Middle East countries are part of Asia.

What part of Asia does Saudi Arabia come from?

South West of Asia in the Middle East

What is the Arabian Peninsula part of?

The Arabian Peninsula is part of the Middle East and Asia.

What part of the continent is Yemen located on?

It is located in the Middle East, which is a part of Asia.