What type and how many quarts of oil does a Windstar take?

According to the Owners Manuals:

1996 Windstar 3.0 & 3.8: 4.5 quarts - 5w30*

1997 Windstar 3.0 & 3.8: 4.5 quarts - 5w30*

1998 Windstar 3.0 & 3.8: 4.5 quarts - 5w30*

1999 Windstar 3.0 engine: 4.5 quarts

3.8 engine: 5.0 quarts

2000 Windstar 3.8: 5.0 quarts - 5w30*

2001 Windstar 3.8: 5.75 quarts - 5w20

2002 Windstar 3.8: 5.0 quarts - 5w20

2003 Windstar 3.8: 5.0 quarts - 5w20 (synthetic blend)

*Note: Ford issued a TSB (technical service bulletin TSB 02-1-9) regarding the 5w20 superseding 5w30 Owners Manual specifications.

Applies to all Windstars back to 1995.

See "Related Links" or search on FORD TSB 02-1-9 for more details.

NOTE: It is always best to refer to the Owners Manual that came with the vehicle to ensure the information is correct to that specific car.


normally 5W-30 10W-30 is also acceptable if you live in a very hot climate area.


Any Oil that you like... Personally I like Valvoline... they do make a Valvoline Max Life Oil that is made for vehicles with 75000 miles or more on it... don't use Quakerstate... I've heard some big stories coming from mechanics about that oil... one mechanic removed the valve cover to check something with the rocker arms, and he had to use a screw driver and hammer to chip at that oil and he actually lifed it off the head... so Valvoline is probably the very best oil for any vehicle.

Motorcraft 5w20, synthetic blend.

Good news is this is a very affordable product, and I don't hesitate to let it run the entire 5,000 mile change schedule.

Check the Owners Manual for more detail...

See "Related Links" or search on FORD TSB 02-1-9 for more details.

FORD TSB 02-1-9 5w20 Oil Recommend - PDF file*http://fcsdchemicalsandlubricants.com/supplier/tsb/0219.pdf

5w20 semi-synthetic motor oil is what the owners manual calls for.

The transmission takes Mercon V It would depend on which size motor and oil pan it has. With the standard 6 cylinder engine, with the standard factory oil pan which is the most likely unless modifications has been done. The oil capacity should be 4.5 quarts without filter change. Last I changed the oil in my windstar with oil filter change it took 5.0 quarts of oil.

Start with 4.5 quarts if you change the oil filter also. And then check oil. If the level is below the full mark, add another half quart of oil to the engine oil.

my 2002 holds 5 qts. with a oil filter

5 w 30 ( according to the owners manual )

5.75 quarts of 5w20.

( 5 w 30 ) according to the owners manual

The oil capacity is approximaly 5.4 quarts of oil. Install 5 quarts and check level on dipstick.


the 3.0L uses 4.5 qts. while the 3.8 uses 5 qts


My owners manual says for the 3.8l engine, it is 5.75, including filter. My experience agrees with the extra .75 quart! :)

The 2003 Ford Windstar owners manual shows ( 5 quarts with filter change )

of engine oil for your 3.8 liter - V6 engine

( 5 w 30 ) is the preferred oil according to the Owner Guide