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shell rotella 15w40

AMSOIL also sells diesel oils -- first company to make synthetics and a great option i use on my 240D -- 15w40 is good

viscosity can be changed based on your driving conditions, weather, etc so take a look online for the best oil to use for your conditions

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Q: What type of oil do you use in a 1980 Mercedes 240D?
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1980 240d oil capacity?

The oil capacity of a 1980 Mercedes 240d is 5 quarts. This include the oil needed to fill the oil filter.

Why would a Mercedes Benz 240D have an oil leak under the driver side dash and Master cylinder is OK?

the engine oil pressure unit in the dahsboard is leaking.

What type of transmission oil for Mercedes?

Mercedes 1992 500sel

What type of oil should you use in my 2008 C230 Mercedes Benz?

What type of motor oil does a Mercedes 230C 2006 take

Mercedes-Benz 240d motor noise?

bearings are going. Need to oil them. SOon you will blowing fuses because the excess drag in amperage will exceed the 8 amp fuse and blow it

What type of oil does manufacturer require for Mercedes m104 engine?

oil type for 97 s320

What type of oil do you use in a 1981 Mercedes 380sl?

synthetic oil

What type of oil is required for a 2008 Mercedes Benz e350?

Mb oil

What type of oil for 2002 Mercedes E320?


Oil type for 2003 Mercedes 500SL?

its 0w30 fullysynthetic .you could use a better oil grade if you want .mercedes recommend mobil 1

What type oil for 2001 Mercedes E320?

5/40 synthetic oil , Mercedes dealers use mobil 1 brand , but any brand will do.

What type of motor oil for Mercedes gl450?

Mobile one

How much does an oil change for 2011 Mercedes C300 cost?

An oil change, for a Mercedes, can run between $200 and $300. It depends on where you go, what type or oil you use, and what city you live in.

What type of oil is best for a 1997 Mercedes E420?

It is important to use the right type of fluids in a vehicle so it runs smoothly. A 1997 Mercedes E420 uses 10w-40 engine oil.

What type of oil should you use for 2001 Mercedes S430?

Exactly what Mercedes recommends. Look in your owners manual, on the oil fill cap, or call you dealer.

What type of oil does the manufacture require for a Mercedes-Benz c230?

Most of Mercedes Viehicles are using Mobil 1

Type of oil for a Mercedes clk430?

5w-40 snythetic, mobil I

What type of oil do you use for to change the oil on a 2001 Mercedes Benz C320?

Google Castrol to find correct oil.

What type of oil is used for 2003 Mercedes c320?

Mercedes Benz recommend Mobil 1 regardless of year and model.

Can you run a Mercedes 207d on cooking oil without adapting the engine?

I do with my 240d but i bought an extra fuel filter not the cylinder but the smaller one just incase it clogs up also i don't put just cooking oil i put 1/2 & 1/2 diesel

What type of oil goes in the rear differential of a 1980 f150?

80W90 gear oil.

What type of oil does a Mercedes 260e take?

You should?æuse 5W-40 motor oil on your Mercedes 260e. It is very important to change your oil on a regular basis to keep your vehicle running its best.?æ

What type oil to use in Mercedes E240 2001 model?

full synthetics

What type of motor oil do you put in a 1997 e320 Mercedes Benz?


What type of oil do you use with a 1980 Dodge COLT?