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Oldsmobile Intrigue

What type of oil should be used for a 2000 Oldsmobile intrigue?


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5W30 will work in all American climates


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With GM it’s Dexron/Mercron transmission fluid And depending on whether or not you have a manual or automatic the fluid will be according

it is located down by the oil pan, it's a cartridge type filter,

A 2000 Oldsmobile Alero V6 requires 6.8 quarts of Dexron III fluid.

not sure of any brand but the fluid will be clear and auto parts dealer will have it(just ask for clear p/s fluid)

it is a big possibility it is leaking from your water pump. i have a 2001 intrigue 3.5l twin cam v6 leaking from the waterpump, and am currently replacing it as i type this.

If the horn does not work on a 1996 Oldsmobile Ciera, you can replace the horn. Almost any type of horn should be compatible.

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Unlike the previous year 2000 model that required Premium fuel, the 2001 Aurora V6 & V8 both can run on Regular.

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The oil filter in in the oil pan. It is a cartrige type. There is a round 4-5" "plug" that you have to unscrew in the pad, oil and the filter come out when you remove it, yes messy. An oil filter cap will usually fit, or a big pair of pliers. thanks Gary

R134a I believe it uses R134. A common belief is that it is normal for A/C units to occasionally need recharging. You probably have a leak or some other problem besides lack of refrigerant.

it has a type of powerful transmission maybe regular

You can use any type of SAE certified radiator coolant fluid, in your 2000 Camry. The fluid should have a rating of 120 degrees to -35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Type your answer here... its on drivers side front of car look for starter its above it

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