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whatever works at the desired operating frequency

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The oscillator which is blocked by using transformer is called a blocking oscillator. Generally, the primary is given to the base and secondary is given to the collector of the transistor used in the oscillator circuit.

advantages over what? Colpitts? Mostly the fact that it does not require a choke. A Hartley is more harmonic-rich than a Colpitts, so the main reason it is used lies in its (relative) ease of construction.

a crystal 32.768kHz oscillator.

A field-effect transistor (FET) is a type of transistor commonly used for weak-signal amplification .The device can amplify analog or digital signals.It can also switch DC or function as an oscillator.

for high frequency applications(RF oscillator) we use BF 194

To isolate the bias circuitry of the transistor from the feedback network with RF currents.

There are many different types of oscillator circuits, the majority of which use positive feedback.

Metal Oxide Semiconductor. Usually used when referring to a specific type of transistor which uses this type of semiconductor material: the Field Effect Transistor (FET).

the Colpitts oscillator , named after the inventor of the circuit , is characterised by the use of Two Capacitors in series which are then connected in parallel across the inductor of the resonant circuit for obtaining the required frequency. The junction of the two capacitors is used for the positive feedback used for generating the oscillations. This circuit is used for High frequency oscillators , mainly due to ease of obtaining required ratio of the two capacitor values as per the circuit design. Also the two capacitors in series reduces their total equivalent value , which is not a problem as in HF circuits as the values and size is comparatively low. For information , a corresponding Low frequency circuit is called a Hartley oscillator , also named after its inventor. This uses a tapped inductor & one capacitor for the resonant circuit, since it is more easier to fabricate large value tapped inductors , than to use two bulky ( since the value of capacitors in series is reduced ) capacitors necessary for the equivalent Colpitts oscillator.

astable blocking oscillator

The answer depends on the type of transistor, how intensively it is used as well as the manufacturer.

A Wein Bridge Oscillator is a oscillator which is used for the measurement of Audio Frequency.

I do not understand your question, oscillators CAN be built with either (and many other amplifying components). A few examples are:triode tubetetrode tubepentode tubebeam power tubepentagrid converter tube (cathode and first 2 grids form local oscillator)magnetron tubeklystron tubetraveling wave tubethyratron tubeneon lamppoint contact transistorjunction transistorsurface barrier transistorfield effect transistortunnel diodeunijunction transistorsilicon controlled rectifiermagnetic amplifierFERRACTORoperational amplifier ICtimer IClogic inverter ICetc.Perhaps you meant why it was in some specific circuitthat you don't give any reference to. If this is the case, I cannot answer without a reference to the specific circuit. One possibility for selecting a tube instead of a transistor to implement an oscillator would be that it must deliver higher power and/or voltage than a transistor is capable of.

Crystal Oscillators are more stable oscillator. and used as Local Oscillator in Radio Receivers

That depends on both the input signal and the type of amplifier the transistor is used in.

The types of dopant used are: p-type, n-type, p-type respectively.

Multi vibrator is a electronic circuit used to implement a variety of simple two steps such as oscillator, timer & flipflop. it is characterized by amplify device transistor electron etc. by Nikita Naphade.

A BJT is one type of transistor and POWER TRANSISTOR can be BJT or MOSFET or some other phenomena.POWER TRANSISTOR are usually those who are used at high current ratings e.g at POWER AMPLIFIER where large transistors are used at final stage to gain output.

why ujt used as amplifier

An amplifier becomes an oscillator when positive feedback is applied. It is the simple way to do it.

it is a transistor used in IR TOGGLE SWITCH. :-)

A generator is used to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy. An oscillator is used to convert dc to ac

Vcc is used in bipolar transistor circuitsVdd is used in field effect transistor circuitsB+ is used in vacuum tube circuits

any circuit which is used to generate an ac voltage without an ac input signal is called an oscillator.

transistor has 2 output 1 and 0 so can be used as a switch