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Use Toyota ATF T-IV or Dexron III

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Q: What type of transmission fluid in 1997 Toyota Camry?
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Where do you insert the transmission fluid on a 1997 Toyota Camry what dip stick?

i have a 1989 Toyota Camry le and not sure where to poor the transmission fluid

Where do you insert the transmission fluid on a 1997 Toyota Camry?

You fill the trans Fluid thru the dipstick you check it from.

1997 Toyota Camry revs but no movement?

Check the transmission fluid level, if it's not too late it's time to refill.

Can you flush out a 1997 Toyota Camry transmission fluid?

Yes, you can even more you must. When the fluid smells burnt, or it has some metal particles, or it's dark brown fluid.

How do you replace the light bulb under the transmission shifter in a 1999 Toyota Camry?

I'm trying to find the answer for that on a 1997 Toyota Camry.

Does a 1997 Toyota Camry have a automatic transmission filter?

Yes the 1997 Toyota Camry has a metal screen filter inside of the transmission pan on the bottom of the transmission, you will have to remove the bottom transmission to get to the filter, because the filter is a metal screen you do not have to replace the filter, you can clean the filter and reuse it

What is the cost to repair a 1997 6 cylinder Toyota Camry transmission?

is it an automatic or standard?

Will power steering fluid damage a transmission?

Camry 1997-2001 uses the same fluid for transmission as well as power steering.

What is the automatic transmission fluid capacity of a 1997 Toyota 4Runner?

The 1997 Toyota 4-Runner automatic transmission requires: 2.2 quarts of fluid if it's a 4WD 1.7 quarts of fluid if it's a 2WD The recommended fluid type is Dexron III (or Toyota T-IV)

Where is a starter located on a 1997 Toyota Camry?

The starter for a1997 Camry is located on top of the transmission. It should be visible from the top and easy to remove.

Can you put a 1997 Toyota Camry engine in a 1995 Toyota Camry?

No, you can't.

What are the radio codes for a 1997 Toyota Camry?

radio code for 1997 Toyota Camry after i changed battery it did not work

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