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All BMW's(except cross country), some Honda touring bikes, the Suzuki Boulevard (and the Volusia before it) and the Yamaha V Star. I bet there are others, too. Kawasaki cruisers, Ural, some Moto Guzzi. A 1953 Sunbeam 350cc is the earliest I can remember.... Triumph, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasai, and Yamaha, have produced shaft drive motorcycles Motorcycle engines positioned such that the crankshaft is longitudinal and parallel to the frame are often used for shaft driven motorcycles. This requires only one 90° turn in power transmission, rather than two. Moto Guzzi, BMW, Triumph, and Honda use this engine layout. Motorcycles with shaft drive are subject to shaft effect where the chassis climbs when power is applied. This is counteracted with systems such as BMW's Paralever, Moto Guzzi's CARC and Kawasaki's Tetralever.

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Q: What types of motorcycles are shaft driven?
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I know that some of the Honda motorcycles are .My Shadow is.

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