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You should be taking a prenatal vitamin which is available at the drugstore.

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Q: What vitamins should you take while pregnant?
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How many vitamins should a mother take while pregnant?

Prenatal vitamins are the best. Ask your doctor. Don't take vitamins which are not specifically for pregnant women as some (like vitamin A) can cause problems. With vitamins more is not better.

Will taking flintstone vitamins plus iron while pregnant be okay if you're anemic?

You should only take vitamins and iron as advised by your maternity care provider. Flintstones vitamins are for children and while they won't hurt, there are better ones for pregnant women.

What vitamins should a women take for her to get pregnant fast?

Taking vitamins will not increase the speed at which a woman becomes pregnant.

Should a 17 year old take prenatal vitamins?

If she is pregnant. You should discuss which vitamins with your doctor.

Is nature made prenatal vitamins good choice while preganan?

Yes, Nature Made prenatal vitamins are a good choice to take while pregnant. Always consult your doctor before taking any vitamins while pregnant.

Can you take hair skin and nail vitamins while pregnant?

It is not recommended the pregnant women take hair, skin, and nail vitamins. Many of these vitamins contain dosages of nutrients that exceed the advised daily allowance.

When the pregnant woman can take a folic acid?

Its good for a woman to take prenatal vitamins before she gets pregnant! Folic acid is in the prenatals and thats a must to have while pregnant...Should start it right away!

Should a teen take prenatal vitamins for hair growth?

No, don't take prenatal vitamins unless you are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or are breast feeding. The vitamins are specially formulated for what a pregnant woman needs during her pregnancy. However, you can talk to your doctor about taking other supplements for hair growth.

What if you take geritol and prenatal vitamins while your tubes is tied and missed your period?

Can Geritol and prenatal vitamins help you become pregnant with tubes tied

Can you take prenatal vitamins without being pregnant?

Yes. Many women take prenatal vitamins when they are planning to become pregnant. This helps get their body ready for the pregnancy. You can, but I would ask a Dr. first. Some Dr.'s reccommend you take them before you decide to get pregnant, and while you are trying to get pregnant. Good Luck!

What are the vitamins that you should take while youre pregnant?

Prenatal vitamins are a good supplement during pregnancy and lactation. Doctors also advise taking Folic acid beginning three months before trying to conceive.

Can you take prenatal vitamins while having an IUD in?

Yes, you can take prenatal vitamins while an IUD is in.

What are the benefits of vitamins and supplements for pregnant women?

Women who are pregnant should not take normal vitamins. They should ask their doctor for special, prenatal vitamins. Some cases show that too much vitamin A can cause birth defects in children.

What supplements should pregnant people have?

Pregnant women should take prenatal vitamin supplements which are full of a lot of different vitamins and minerals that will help both the woman and the baby.

If you are pregnant and take birth control will your body reject it?

You should not take birth control while pregnant. Not at all.

When do pregnant women start taking prenatal vitamins?

It is recommended that all women of child bearing age take prenatal vitamins.If you are trying to get pregnant and haven't started taking them, you should start taking them now.

Should you take prenatal vitamins before trying to get pregnant?

Yes, I believe that you should take prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant. the egg has to attach itself to the whom, and prenatal vitamins just sorta help the process along a little better by giving you that extra something that you aren't getting from the foods you eat or don't eat. Keep trying!!!! :)

How long does it take after taking prenatal vitamins to get pregnant?

You only take Prenatal Vitamins during your pregnancy to help with the babies growth and development. They don't help you to get pregnant.

Are all natural vitamins safe?

Most natural vitamins are safe to take, but if you are pregnant or wanting to become pregnant, you need to be careful then because there are some vitamins that can be harmful to the fetus.

Can you take pain pills while pregnant?

No. You should not take pain pills when you are pregnant. Paracetamol is generally safe in pregnancy.

Can your get pregnant while on birth control and without penetration?

If you take your birth control correctly you should not get pregnant. Only if you take a ton of sperm and rub in you could you get possibly pregnant, but not while on bc.

What vitamins should you take to be pregnant?

First of all if you are a guy, nothing is going to help. second of all, vitamins don't get you pregnant, go have a long talk with your mother. if you are a woman trying to conceive, folic acid and multi vitamins help your chances of getting pregnant. ask a doctor or pharmacist which ones would be right for you

What medications can you take for lupus when pregnant?

My doctor only recommended that I take prednisone while pregnant but this is something that you should discuss with your doctor.

Can i take ranitidine safe while pregnant?

can i take ranitidine while pregnant

Can you take prenatal vitamins without being or planning on being pregnant?

yes; they are similar to daily vitamins