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Cryptographers may have had hints, diplomats may have had hints and politicians may have had hints. No one was sharing the information an no one had actionable facts.

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Q: What warnings did the US Government and military have to indicate that the Japanese might attack Pearl Harbor?
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What warnings did the United States government and military have to indicate that the Japanese might attack Pearl Harbor?

None. MLM The military did know that an attack from Japan was imminate. What it did lack was where the attack would happen. US military intelligence broke the Japanese code messages sent to the Japanese ambassodors in Washington that stated that they wanted them break off communications with America and to destroy all records and papers. This was a sign that an attack was coming. So the Americans knew an attack was coming but did not know where. Submitted by Mark Webb St. Louis, Missouri yet again by examining intercepts by "magic" it is apparent that there were many warnings for the coming hostilities from a long time preceading Dec 7 all the way up to the night before hostilities commenced.

What warnings were given to the Japanese about the atomic bomb?

There were no warnings. The Manhattan Project was a secret. This was the name of the research project that developed the atom bomb.

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The Spanish military revolt was led by Generals Francisco Franco and Manuel Goded Llopis. Although the Republican government had suspected a plot and attempted to separate and banish suspected leaders, their actions were not as thorough as needed and important warnings were not acted upon.

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If the US knew about the Japanese plan to attack why were they not ready for it?

they were ready but they ignored the warnings thinking japan wouldn't do it

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Why did the US not prevent the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

The US military assumed that any attacks on the military base would be done by immigrant saboteurs. They disregarded warnings of a massing Japanese fleet and stored their ammo along with lining their planes up on runways so that it/they could be monitored and kept away from said suspected saboteurs.

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How were conditions in Hiroshima prior to the dropping of the atomic bomb?

The Japanese had no idea that the atomic bomb even existed. Everyone prepared to take cover in case they were bombarded by fire bombs. Some of the children even had helmets on to protect them from the heat. The Japanese saw the planes and how strange and different it was but they didnt give it much thought. Ten unofficial warnings were sent to the Japanese by the Americans. A telegram was sent several days prior to D-day, but word is that it never got to the Japanese government. RAWRRRRRRR ! [:

Did any American know of the bombing of Pearl Harbor beforehand?

Yes, warnings were relayed to higher-ups in the military to be on standby. On December 7th early forms of radar picked up the Japanese strike force. This information was relayed to the military authority on Hawaii that brushed it off as a flight of B-17s from the mainland. FDR received a telegram warning of the attack a few hours after the attack.

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