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Benjamin Franklin went to school for only two years, ending at age 10. Nevertheless, through reading voraciously, he became one of the most knowledgeable men of his time, and a noted author, scientist and inventor as well as one of the colonies' greatest statesmen.

Books were so expensive at that time that Franklin could not afford to buy more than a few. At age 21, Franklin formed the Junto, a group of young craftsmen and artisans like himself who wanted to discuss the political, scientific and other issues of the day. The members of the Junto contributed their books to a common library so that each member could read all of the others' books, but still the collection was small. Franklin solved the problem of books being too expensive for any one of them to buy by creating a "subscription library" in which each member would contribute a little money to a common fund to buy books that they could then all read. This library flourished and grew larger and larger, providing a rare opportunity for self-education. Franklin's creation still exists as the Library Company of Philadelphia, a scholarly research library.

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Q: What was Ben Franklin education?
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