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What was Harry Truman in World War 1?


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April 12, 2014 8:54PM

Truman had been in the Missouri National Guard for two terms of service. When "Federalized" for service as part of the Army the Missouri National Guard becomes the 35th (Infantry) Division. Truman was a captain commanding an artillery battery. He was very proud of the fact that none of his men were killed, though they did see some action. Truman was the only Doughboy to ever become president. Eisenhower was in the Army during WWI, but spent the entire war in Pennsylvania, training troops at Camp Colt, and thought his career was ruined as a result. Franklin Roosevelt was not yet crippled by polio, but was serving as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, a civilian position. See "Related Links" below from some remarks from Paul Schaffer to the Whittier (California) Elks CLub, recalling the day when as a runer he carried a message to Captain Truman's Battery.