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la Bourgeoisie

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Q: What was another name for the middle class during the french revolution?
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What was the name of the middle class during the French Revolution?

The Burgeois.

Who were the bourgeoisie during the french revolution?

middle class people

Who were the third estate people during the french revolution?

Middle class, peasants, city workers, and bourgeoise.

What was the slogan of the middle class in the French Revolution?

The slogan for the french revolution is Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.

Where did Danton live during the French Revolution?

In the 13 original colonies(New England, Middle,and Southern colony).

Who were the European allies patriots during the American revolution?

Spain or France (my aunt is a Social Studies teacher)

How do you use bourgeoisie?

When speaking of the French middle class, particularly during the French Revolution. ex: When the bourgeoisie revolted, they expressed their discontent by beheading the king.

In french which was a major result of the French revolution?

A major result of the French revolution was that the middle class gained political influence.

What political develpoments during the middle ages help weaken feudalism?

Basically the French Revolution and the Agricultural Revolution (which developed into the Industrial Revolution). The French Revolution showed the people of Europe that it is possible to overthrow a tyrannical monarchial government and establish a democracy. With the development of the Industrial Revolution, capitalism allowed, in theory, anyone to rise to the elite upper class.

What class rises greatly in power during the Industrial Revolution?

The middle class was the one that rises greatly in power during the Industrial Revolution.

What was produced during the middle Industrial Revolution?

light bulbs

What president started the French Revolution?

The French Revolution wasn't started by a president. At that time (in the 18th century) France was a monarchy (and thus had a King and Queen) and the lower and middle class society started the revolution.