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What was eaten during the Renaissance?


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they ate food! good food! oh. and they drank wine! lots of wine. THEY GOT DRUNK EVERYY NIGHT! they ate food! good food! oh. and they drank wine! lots of wine. THEY GOT DRUNK EVERYY NIGHT!


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The renaissance was a time of change. Sorry that's all i no! The renaissance was pretty much a rebirth of the arts. As to your question, a lot of things in many different countries could have happened during the renaissance. For example, Billy could have eaten some bread.

The kind of food eaten by peasants during the Renaissance was mush, and soup. Soup was made out of vegetable scraps, and mush was made of grains. They often served black bread with the mush, or soup as well. The rich during this period had meats, and spices to make their foods taste better.

There really wasn't any ice cream to be eaten during the Renaissance.

Shakespeare lived during the Renaissance, so everyone he knew, he knew during the renaissance.

Yes he did live during the Renaissance.

The language during the renaissance was usually Latin.

During the renaissance queen Elizabeth was queen for England.

The harpsichord was a popular instrument during the Renaissance.

secular humanism as demonstrated during the renaissance.

The Pope was in charge of the church during the Renaissance. Throughout the Renaissance, there were several popes.

the main religions during the renaissance are Christianity and Buddhist.

The king during the Carolingian Renaissance was called Charlemagne.

The lute was a popular instrument during the Renaissance.

Christopher Columbus was a very important explorer during the renaissance

The Medici family controlled Florence during the Renaissance!

Individual ability became important during the renaissance.

He was a monarch during the Renaissance.

No, Shakespeare lived during the English Renaissance which came some time after the Renaissance in Italy.

Triangular composition was most popular during the Renaissance.

The main entertainment during the time period of the renaissance was mostly theatre

Newtown and Kepler were two famous astronomers during the Renaissance.

The Sforza Family ruled Milan during the Renaissance.

Plain song was not a popular form during the Renaissance period.

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