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What was mr van daans previous occupation?

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Mr. van daan was a butcher!!

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Mr Van Daans nick name was Putti

The Van Daans were stealing food for Mr. Van Daan.

Yes, all the Van Daans (Van Pels) lived in the secret annex, along with the Franks and Mr Dussel

Mr. Van Daan's First name is Hermann, and his original last name is Van Pel

Fritz Pfeffel. And the Van Daans were actually the Van Pels

mrs. van daans fur coat

Mr. van Dann: Hermann van Pels and Mrs. van Daan: Auguste van Pels

the Franks, the Van Pels (Van Daans in the book), and Fritz Pfeffer (Mr. Dussell.)

Peter his cat mrs van daan her jewels and clothes, mr. van daan cigarettes

The Van Daans (as Anne called them; their real name was the van Pels) were the other family living with the Franks. After they were discovered by the Germans, the Franks and van Daans were transported to the Auschwitz concentration camp. Mr. Van Daan was gassed at Auschwitz. Mrs. Van Daan was believed to have died at the Theresienstadt concentration camp. Their son Peter Van Daan died at the Mauthausen concentration camp.

Mr albert dussel joins the franks and van pels in hiding or Friedrich Pfeffer

The fake names: Mr. Dussel is Mr. Pfeffer Van Daans is Van Pels Mr. Kraler is Mr. Krugler The rest are all real, I beleive.

In the diary, she calls the Van Pels the Van Daans. If that is, in fact, the nickname you mean. Sorry if it's not. I just read the diary in my reading class and it specifically says that in her diary they are called the Van Daans but it's really the Van Pels family.

Her family, the Van Daans family, and Mr. Kraler, a dentist friend of her father.

Because he wanted to protect the Jews from the Nazi's.

Because Mr Van Daan was caught stealing food in the middle of the night.

November 16, 1942:Fritz Pfeffer (Mr. Dussel) moves into the Secret Annex.

the "secret annex", where the Franks and Van Daans hid was at the back of Mr. Frank's work office.

The van Pels (in diary known as van Daans) and Mr. Pfeffer (in diary known as Mr. Dussel) were in the secret annexe with the Franks. Merry Christmas! -22redroses

Mr. van Dann was a business associate of Mr. Frank, and the family lived close together in Amsterdam - they visited frequently. They were "friends", simply put.

Besides making sausage for the group on one occasion, Mr. van Pels primary contribution was to find a sympathetic butcher in town who would give Miep whatever he could while "asking no questions".

because no one wanted people to know that he and the rest of the franks, and the Van Daans were in hiding. so people just said they were in Switzerland.

Mr. Dussle did hide in the Secret Annex with the Franks. However he did not go into hiding at the same time the Franks did. The Franks went first, then the Van Daans, then Mr. Dussle became the 8th member several months later.

The Van Pels-Hermann (the dad), Auguste, (The mom), and Peter. They are also known as the Van Daans in the diary of Anne's. Fritz Pfeffer (Mr. Dussel) also accompanies them. He is a dentist.

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