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What was shopping like in London in the 1600s?

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Apart from food shops of various kinds, very few shops had readymade goods. For example, there were no off-the-peg clothes or footwear. Most things had to be made to order, which meant that most goods were relatively expensive. This was standard throughout Europe till perhaps the 1820s ...

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pretty but small.

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2 ways the London Bridge was utilized during the 1500-1600s?

The London Bridge of that period had houses and shops on it.

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Shakespeare was born in the 1600s

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fish fish Blacksmith, shoemaker, carpenter, etc.

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London was a smelly place in the 1600's and rampant with crime. People used the river to bath and do laundry and women were treated as inferior creatures to men who made the money.

What was slavery like in Maryland like in the 1600s?

Maryland has the most slavery torture than any other eastern coast states in 1600s.

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That will depend on lots of things, like where you are travelling from, where you are staying, how many nights you are staying, what time of the year you are going to be there, what you eat, how you travel around London when you get there and how much shopping you do. So it is impossible to give an answer to this question.

What events happened in London in the 1600s?

The Bubonic Plague in 1665 and the Great Fire in 1666.

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