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During January-February 1944, the battles at Anzio and Monte Cassino were some of the bloodiest of the entire Italian Campaign. The Allies were fighting to break through the lines at Monte Cassino, the town of Cassino and into the Liri Valley. At the same time, the Allies had landed on the beaches of Anzio further to the north. The Germans were applying pressure to push the Allies back into the sea. An example of the fighting at Anzio, the 2nd Ranger battalion launched a night attack with 768 men and only 6 returned. Also, on 22 January, the Allies launched their first operation to break the German line at Cassino. The attacks by the Americans and the British were not coordinated. The 36th "Texas" Infantry Division was assigned to cross the Rappido River and attack into the flat Liri Valley. This front was heavily mined and covered by German armor and artillery. Their attack was repulsed with heavy losses for the 36th Division. There were other battles that saw heavy combat but the amount of troops involved were not as numerous, so the loses were not as high. This includes: Battle of Monte Battiglia(or Battle Mountain) in Sept 1944 Battle of Ortona by Canadian Division - Dec 1943

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Q: What was the bloodest battle in Italy?
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