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What was the conflict between the Jews and the Arabs?

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A:Many prefer to see this conflict in terms of religion, since a religious imprimatur absolves an aggressor of any moral responsibility. However, it is really about land. Whether or not the Jews of the early twentieth century felt a longing to live in what was then called Palestine, and whether or not the Holocaust gave Jews a further, compelling reason to seek a safe refuge, Palestine was the home of the Palestians. They were soon to be forced out of their homes in the most desirable parts of the land and later even find their much reduced territory under threat from Israeli settlements.

The Palestinians can no longer hope to regain their former land or even any rights in that land. But for some, it is now about emotion. And emotion is often enough reason to continue pursuing a lost cause long after all reason says to accept the best deal the victor is willing to offer. On the Israeli side, there is no good reason to offer any solution the Palestinian leadership could accept, since the longer the conflict continues, the more Palestinian land can be settled by Israelis.

Of course, many ultra-Orthodox Jews now see the total occupation by Jews of all Palestinian lands as a religious imperative, but there were few ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel in its early years and they had little influence on policy. More relevant are the words of a Jewish settler interviewed on television, when she said religion was not important to the decision to live in the West Bank territory - look at all the free land we have.

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Q: What was the conflict between the Jews and the Arabs?
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When did the conflict between Jews and Arabs begin?


The conflict in the Middle East is between the Arabs and the Jews.?


What was the conflict between Jews and Arabs over land?

You may be referring to the Israeli-Arab Conflict.

In what region are Arabs in conflict with Jews?

Arabs and Jews are in conflict over the territory of the former British Mandate of Palestine in the Middle East.

Is the conflict in the Middle East between the Arabs and the Jews?

Partially True. There is certainly a conflict in the Middle East between Arabs and Jews, but there are also conflicts in the Middle East between Sunni and Shiite Arabs, Arabs and Kurds, Arabs and Persians, Muslims and Christians, and conflicts between Tribalists, Nationalists, Arab Socialists, and Monarchists. In terms of the number of deaths both military and civilian, the Israeli-Arab and Israeli-Palestinian conflicts are less than 20% of the Arab conflict losses. The causes of the Arab-Israeli Conflict can be read about at the below link.

Are Jews and Arabs in conflict?

Israelis and Arabs are in conflict and have been for a while. Many people use the words Jews and Israelis interchangeably since Israel is 80% Jewish, but less than 50% of all Jews live in Israel and nearly 10% of the Israeli Army is non-Jewish. The Jews outside of Israel are not in conflict with Arabs and a number of the non-Jewish Israelis are in conflict with the Arabs as well.

Was the reason for conflict between Jews and Arabs because of sibling rivalary?

This depends on who you ask, but the majority of both Jews and Arabs reject the assertion that their conflict is currently based on the rivalry between the siblings Isaac and Ishmael. To see the list of grievances for which they do fight, see the related question.

Is the conflict between Jews and Arabs over land?

Yes, but there are several other reasons for the conflict as well. Read more at the below related question.

How did the Suez Canal cause conflict between Palestinian Arabs and Jews?

The Suez Canal Crisis has nothing to do with the Palestinian Arabs. It was a conflict between Egyptian National Interests and those of Israel, France, and the United Kingdom concerning control of the Suez Canal.

Where did the nationalistic goals of Arabs and Jews come into the greatest conflict?

The nationalistic goals of Arabs and Jews came into the greatest conflict in the former British Mandate of Palestine, currently the location of Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

What was the first conflict between the Arabs and the Jews?

There were minor skirmishes as far back as the 1920's, but the main conflict begain in the "Israeli war of Independence" of 1948Prior to that in times Arabs and Jews actually got along fairly well.In Medievel Times, Jews were treated better under Islamic rule than they were under Christian rule.Answer:The first conflict between the Arabs and the Jews is recorded in Psalms 83:7, which describes the event (During the time of the Judges) when the Ishmaelites joined forces with other groups and attacked in order to wipe out the Israelites.

How did the Jewish-Palestinian Conflict start?

The conflict between Jews and Arabs extends all the way back to their forefathers, Isaac and Ishmael, who were half-brothers, both being sons of Abraham by different mothers. Isaac is the forefather of the nation of Israel and Ishmael is the forefather to Arab nations, and is accepted by most Muslims as one of their primary ancestors. The conflict between Isaac and Ishmael was so bad that Abraham was forced to banish Ishmael and his mother Hagar from the household. Jews and Arabs are related by blood, they are family, and the sibling rivalry continues down to our day.AnswerThe previous answer is completely wrong. The conflict between Arabs and Jews is not ancient. It began in the 20th Century, when the Jews returned to their native homeland, and the Arabs saw them as foreign invaders.

How did the United Nations attempt to resolve the conflict between Jews and Arabs in 1947?

They proposed the UN Partition Plan of 1947. It was not terribly effective.

What area in the Middle East has seen much conflict between Arabs and Jews?

Primarily the lower Levant, typically called Israel-Palestine.

What is the conflict between Arabs and Jews in the Middle East?

The Jewish-Arab Conflict is a series of violent altercations that have led to actual wars between Jews and Arabs. The most obvious source of contention these days the Arab-Israeli Conflict.However, there are numerous other historical issues such as Arabs being unapologetic for their mistreatment of Jews under Arab occupation and assuming that they treated Jews well. Jews are also bothered by the incredible barrage of Anti-Semitic rhetoric that comes from numerous Arab Muslim leaders and the lack of opposition to this garbage in the Arab communities. There are issues about how Arabs believe that they are subjected to a double-standard while Jews are not, especially as concerns integration in Europe and becoming part of international institutions.To read more about the various causes of the Jewish-Arab Conflict or a general history of its formation, please see the Related Links below.Questions:What are the causes of the Jewish-Arab Conflict?How did the Jewish-Arab Conflict start?What is the Arab-Israeli conflict about?What is the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?What are the causes of the Arab-Palestinian Conflict?

Why is there so much tension between Israel and Palestine today?

There is tension in Palestine today because of the conflict of the Jews and the Arabs. After WW II, the Jews wanted a refuge for themselves, and they wanted it in Palestine. But, both the Arabs and the Jews found Jerusalem a Holy City, and the Arabs didn't want Jews in their "claimed" city. Today, Palestine is split, one part for the Arabs, and another for the Jews. I found this website helpful.

What was the conflict between the Jews and Arabs over the Creation of Israel?

The conflict in general is called the Arab-Israeli Conflict. The particular war that erupted due to the Arab Rejection of Israel's Declaration of Independence was the Arab-Israeli War of 1948-9, alternately called the Nakba by Arabs and the Independence War by Israelis.

How long was the war between Palestinians and Arabs that occured in Israel?

Palestinians is a nickname of the Arabs that lives in Israel but are not Israel citizens. There is no war between to them and the Arabs. Maybe you meant the war between the Arabs and the Jews.

What has the author Nicholas Herbert written?

Nicholas Herbert has written: 'Jews and Arabs in conflict' -- subject(s): Arab-Israeli conflict

Why was Palestine divided by the United Nations?

palestine was divided by the united nations because the UN knew there was a conflict between arabs and jews in palestine over the land.

Are israelis Jews or Arabs?

Israelis are Jews. Palestinians are Arabs.

How do the Jews and Palestinians resolve their cultural conflict?

There is no cultural conflict between Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs (who are mostly ethnic-Palestinians) who live in Israel. There are religious and historical differences and certainly political disagreements, but there is no cultural conflict. The same could have been said of the Jewish communities in tolerant Muslim States, such as Umayyad Spain, Abbassid Baghdad, and Pahlavi Iran. This shows that the cultural conflict is not between Jews and Arabs (although Iran is not Arab) but between the types of government styles they wish to set up. The Jewish State is democratic and non-religious. Arab governments are by and large autocratic and partially theocratic (or based on religious values). The conflict between Arab States and Israel has not yet been resolved.

Where did the the Arabs and the Jews experience the greatest conflict in attaining their nationalist goals in the twentieth century?

In the Middle East. They are fighting there at the moment (Gaza). The conflict and strife between Arabs and Jews is currently confined to Israel and Palestine as previous attacks against Jews elsewhere in the Arab World. Jews fled from Arab Nationalist leaders on account of pogroms and other attacks on the Jewish community. Concurrently, Jewish Nationalists were trying to create a state in what was the British Mandate of Palestine causing anger with the endemic Arabs who wanted control of the region and resented the immigration of many foreigners.

What was the conflict between Jews and Omanis?

There has never been a large Jewish community in Oman, so there was no conflict between Jews and Omanis.

Israel and Palestinian conflict -Why?

There are many reasons for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but most of them stem from the nationalist movements of the Jews and the Arabs which seeked to gain sovereignity.