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The first conflict of the Cold War was the Greek Civil War which began in 1944 following the German withdrawal from Greece. Pro-Western Greeks and Communist Greeks struggled for control of the country and were still fighting when the Cold War began.


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Yes, it was the first military conflict of the Cold War.

First it isn't called the cold war. The Cold war was the political conflict between the USSR and the US. At the end of the war the USSR broke up. Georgia and Russia were two of the new countries formed. People are afraid that the conflict could spark a second cold war

The Korean War was one conflict in the larger Cold War

I would define it as a war, but in general terms it was also a conflict because a war is only one type of conflict. It was one of many conflicts during the Cold War which was not caused by the Cold War.

It was a fight about democracy and communism. That is what the cold war was about.

Harry S. Truman was the first Cold War president. The Korean Conflict (which hasn't ended and was never a declared war) was fought, while President Truman was in office.

The Korean was was considered the young cold war conflict. It became a part of the cold war when Stalin sent supplies to the Korean area. This involvement coined the name.

The growing conflict in Korea was a microcosm of the overall Cold War as there was no direct armed conflict.

The Vietnam Conflict was an event which occurred during the course of the Cold War.

Any conflict past 1990 (the end of the cold war).

Because it was fought against communists. The cold war was against communism.

It was called the Cold War, but it wasn't a war, but a conflict.

No nation dropped an atomic weapon during the cold war. The cold war is not the same as World War 2. Two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan by the US at the end of World War 2. The cold war is called 'cold' because it was not an actual armed conflict. It was a period marked by a conflict of ideologies, propaganda and fear.

The Cold War is named so because there was no direct conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union (the two superpowers at the time)

From the aspect of the cold war; yes.

Conflict ending in Eastern Europe

Let's make this clear, the Cold War was the United States of American verses the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics. There was no part of the Cold War where American and Soviet forces engaged each other in open warfare. The first conflict of the Cold War era where the USA was trying to limit the USSR's communist expansion was the Korean War. The belligerents were The United States of America, South Korea vs. North Korea.

The Korean War was an active conflict while the Cold War was more of a standoff between global powers

The Korean War was an active conflict while the Cold War was more of a standoff between global powers

No one did, that is why it was called the Cold War. For all the players involved in this conflict it was only the threat of mutually assured destruction (thru missiles and other weapons of war) that kept everyone from pulling the trigger

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