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That's what I'm trying to figure out!!! I guess they were just really surprised and afterwards, really upset. After Pearl Harbor, the US got involved in WWII. This was a big mistake for the enemy because it threw the US in the war and we quickly won it.

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Q: What was the impact of Pearl Harbor on the US soldiers and the enemy?
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Who were the soldiers who shot the first return shots at Pearl Harbor?

US Soldiers were NOT the first to fire at the enemy at Pearl Harbor. US Sailors were the first men to open fire at the enemy at Pearl Harbor. US Crewmen aboard the US Navy destroyer USS Ward, sank a Japanese Mini-Submarine (Midget Sub) prior to the aerial attack.

What did America think of japan after pearl harbor?

As an enemy.

How was Pearl Harbor possible?

The US underestimated the enemy; and the target was there.

Who did the us Perceive to be its enemy during pearl harbor?

The Japanese

What was responsible for the Attack on Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese are responsible for the bombing of Pearl Harbor but it was the fact that America was selling weapons to the Japanese enemy.

What is the main event that lead up to pearl harbor?

Stealthy enemy movements into attacking positions.

What was the rational and emotional basis for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

Military necessity; eliminate enemy fleet.

Who led the enemy aircrafts to attack pearl harbor?

Mitsuo Fuchida Dec 3, 1902 - May 30, 1976

When did Hideki Tojo realize the US was the most powerful potential enemy in ww2?

When the US didnt negotiate for peace after Pearl Harbor

Why was an enemy fighter plane in the Pearl Harbor attacked called a Zero?

it wasnt counted as a hit because it wasnt in the war zone when it was attacked.

What was the relationship between the US and Japan like after Pearl Harbor?

??? What do you THINK the relationship would be? Japan had just attacked a terretory of the United States, and killed U.S. citizens. At that point, the U.S. military was prepared to destroy Japan as an enemy. After Pearl Harbor, it was not good to be Japanese.

What happened to Lt Welch and Lt Taylor after Pearl Harbor?

For their service George Welch and Kenneth Taylor earned the first Distinguished Service Stars in World War II.

Why did the US keep warships in Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor Hawaii was thousands of miles closer to Asia than the 48 states. It had a shallow harbor (which was wrongly thought to be too shallow for airdropped torpedoes. It was far away from any enemy held islands for land based planes to reach, and thought to be safe from enemy attack. There were submarine nets to prevent enemy submarines from sneaking in. There was a large Army base there as well to protect the Naval ships. In the 1920s, Gen. Billy Mitchell predicted that the Japanese would attack Pearl Harbor, (he did not say when of course), but, by December 1941, most people had forgotten about his warnings, and they did not think that the Japan could launch an air attack on Pearl Harbor with carrier planes (and torpedoes that could work in shallow water), the way the British Navy had used carrier planes to attack the Italian fleet at Taruento, Italy.

Why was the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack surprise to us?

U.S. officials were certain that an attack was coming but the forces in the Pacific - in and around Pearl Harbor - were depleted as many were brought closer to US shores as they expected a more direct attack than on Pearl Harbor. When the attack came, it was at a time that bombers were being relocated to Pearl from California and the wave of planes seen on the radar was mistaken for those relocating rather than as an enemy force on the attack.

Where did soldiers stand to shoot at the enemy in trenches?

Type your answer here... where did soldiers stand to shoot at the enemy? #

How were Japanese Americans treated in Canada after the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

They were treated like enemy spies by some racist people and then were put into internment camps for 5 years.

Did pearl harbor attack the u.s?

No. Pearl Harbor is on the southern coast of Oahu in Honolulu, Hawaii. During and before WWII, Hawaii was (I believe) a territory of the US (not a state yet). Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, which then caused the United States of America to get further involved in the war. (I say further involved because in the beginning, the US were helping out Great Britain, the enemy of Japan). But after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt declared a state of war against Japan (and Japan's allies, primarily Germany and Italy, both being Nazi countries).

How did pearl harbor attack affected other countries in the world?

Friendly nations now received US help. The Axis now had the most powerful nation on earth as an enemy.

Why are the soldiers discouraged?

enemy is to overpowering.

Why did soldiers have guns?

To kill the enemy.

Was the USS Pennsylvania shot in the attack on Pearl Harbor?

At the time of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, Pennsylvania was in drydock in the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard. She was one of the first ships in the harbor to open fire as enemy planes roared out of the high overcast. The Japanese did not succeed in repeated attempts to torpedo the caisson of the drydock, but Pennsylvania and the surrounding dock areas were severely strafed. The crew of one five-inch gun mount was wiped out when a bomb struck the starboard side of her boat deck and exploded inside Casemate Nine.

What are the similarities of d day war and Pearl Harbor war?

D-Day was a landing of Allied troops onto the shores of France (France was occupied by Germany). Much like the landings in the Pacific...Guam, Saipan, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Leyte, etc. Pearl Harbor was NOT a landing. It was an aerial attack; the enemy struck...then departed.

Why were soldiers arrested for killing enemy soldiers in Iraq?

because i want to have babies with you

What were survival skills during Pearl Harbor?

Knowing the interior of US Navy warships in order to escape them when they were sinking. Knowing how to swim. Knowing how to operate a machinegun and properly lead an enemy airplane.

What effect on the world did the attack on pearl harbor have?

The most obvious answer to this question is that it brought the United States into ww2. providing the strongest enemy to the Japanese in the pacific. This also aided the Allied powers in Europe.