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What was the impact of World War 1 on the Australian homefront?

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How did World War I affect the Australian homefront?

the Australian home front was affected by world war 1..the question word is how? well why ask me??????... from anonymous..

How many Australian women died in World War 2?

Not more than a few hundred. Although the Japanese came close, World War II never completely reached the Australian homefront.

What impact did world war 1 have on Australian land?

Not much.

What impact of World War 1 have on Australian society?

none none none

What was a homefront in world war 2?


What effect did the war have on Australian society?

The impact war had on Australian society is greater economic boom and depression. The impact war had on Australian society is greater economic boom and depression.

What was the impact of the Darwin bombings on Australian civilians in World War 2?

A strong one.

Life on the homefront World War I what info did they get?

The homefront got the info the news would tell them. The news however didn't tell the homefront much things about the war. It was and is still true today.

What was the impact of world war 1 on the Australian home front 1914-1918?


After the war was over what impact did the results have on Australian society?

Which war?

What was life like on the homefront during World War 2?

the American homefront was under a great crisis during ww2

What happened on the homefront in Australia during World War 2?

Check the question again and type in homefront as "home front".

What was the impact of World War Two on Australian society?

WWII had a big impact on women as they were able to take on important jobs on the homefront in the absence of men, who were all fighting overseas.Women were able to take on jobs such as cooks, stewardesses,transport drivers, signallers,coders,writers and motor mechanics, just to name a few!The Women's royal Australian Airforce,Women's Australian naval force, and the Women's Australian army service were all formed in 1941.At home, during the war, women made up 40% of the work force in munitions and factories. Australian also received many refugees from other countries s many people were left homeless after the war.

How was the homefront at the civil war?

the homefront was short on suplplies and resources

How was propaganda used on the us homefront during World War 2?

by camping out

Was Hitler in the 1st world war?

Yes, he was, but he got wounded and returned to the homefront.

What World War 2 terms start with h?

Holocaust homefront howitzer

What voluntary organizations were women on the Australian homefront involved in during World War 2?

Women helped with Mercy Work. They helped the families of POWs. They also created the Women's Land Army.

How did the Vietnam War impact the Australian Government?

With protests and riots.

How were the Australian women involved on the homefront in the Vietnam War?

Australian women mirrored their counterparts in the US, but at a smaller level, based on the population level of Australia's 16 million people at the time.

What are good books to read in order to find information about women's role on the homefront before during and after World War 2?

RetroActive 2, Australian History Anderson, Conroy, Keese, Lowe, JACARANDA

Social impact of the war during World War 2?

what was the impact of the war during the world war II

What was the role of the US homefront in World War 1?

to bake cookies and cakes for soilder

How did the Korean War impact on Australian society?

Australia sent 17,000 men to the Korean War.

What kinds of work did women do before World War 2?

See Rosie the Riveter/World War II Homefront National Historical Park.