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What was the one most important event in shaping US history Other then constitution or declaration of Independence?

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2015-04-09 14:58:35

Excluding the Declaration of Independence and the creation of

the US Constitution, one historical event stands alone as the one

fitting the question. The US Civil War stands alone as America's

greatest failure. That it came about because of slavery, and that

over 620,000 people (mostly soldiers ) were killed in the 4 years

of this war is almost impossible to describe regarding its impact.

In fact, that a nation could get through such a war and still move

ahead towards becoming a powerful nation before the end of the 19th

century is also beyond belief. If, a nation in Europe, during 1861

to 1865, lost over a 1/2 million soldiers, then because of its

boundaries, it would have never been allowed by its neighbors to

continue on as it once was.The US survived largely due to its

geographical location.

In a sense, the War was the final stage of the Revolutionary

War. Slavery was ended, and despite the racism on both sides of the

conflict, the US emerged as a viable nation.

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