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The population was 949,708 people in Chicago.

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What was the population of Chicago in 1955?

569,000 people in Chicago on the year of 1955

Which city is larger Chicago or Miami in population?


What is the population of the city of Chicago?

The population of the City of Chicago is 2, 707,120 as of 2011. The city was founded in 1833 and is the third most populous city in the United States.

What was the population in Chicago 2012?

The last true estimate of population in Chicago occurred in 2011. The population of the City of Chicago in 2011 was 2,707,120.

When will The city of Houston pass Chicago in population?

Provided the explosive population growth continues for Houston and the stagnent to negative population growth within the city of Chicago, it looks like between 2020 and 2025, the city of Houston will surpass Chicago in population (only within the city limits).

Which city has more people Chicago or Atlanta?

Chicago has a larger population.

Is Chicago a busy city?

Chicago is an extremely busy city with numerous financial companies. The city of Chicago has the third largest population in the United States.

Which city is larger Chicago or Dallas?

By Population, Chicago.City of Chicago's population is 2.85 million. Chicago metro area ("Chicagoland") population is 9.5 million.Dallas city population is 1.27 million. Dallas metro area (the "Metroplex") population is 6.3 million (this includes the Ft. Worth area).

What city has a population of 9 million?


Which city is bigger Detroit or Chicago?

Chicago is about three times bigger in population.

Whats the population of Chicago?

the population is around 2.8 million in the city itself

What city has a bigger population Chicago or Cleveland?

Chicago is far bigger than Cleveland. The City of Chicago proper has nearly six times as many people as Cleveland, and the metro area is about four times as populous. Chicago has a city population of about 2.85 million, and a metro area population of about 9.5 million. Cleveland has a 480,000 and a metro area population of 2.25 million.

Which US city has the largest population dallas seattle Chicago?

Chicago has the bigger population. In the USA only L.A. and new yorks population is bigger.

Who has higher population New York City or Chicago?

New York City.

What is the population of Chicago?

According to the US Census Bureau, the city population of Chicago was 2,695,598 in April, 2010 and about 2,707,000 in late 2011.

What city in Illinois has the largest African American population?


What US City has the 3rd largest Czech population?


Lagest city in Illinois and population?

Chicago, about 3 million

What is the population of Chicago for 2008?

The City contains an estimated 2,837,000 and the metro population exceeds 9,750,000.

What is the population of Chicago Illinois?

Chicago PopulationThe exact Chicago City population, per census April 1st 2000, was 2,896,016 In 2000, in the larger Chicago Metropolitan Area, i.e. the city plus its suburbs, there was a total of 9,157,450 residents.A 2007 estimate puts the city's population at 2,859,7003.0 million in the city itself and 9.5 million in the Chicagoland area, i.e. Chicago and it's suburbs.The next Chicago census is scheduled for 2010.For more information see Related Links below.

Is a city in the US called Chicago and is it America's third biggest city by population?

Yes there is and yes it is.

Is Chicago smaller than New York?

Chicago is the 3 largest city in the United States and the largest city in its region. According to the latest census the population of Chicago was 2,707,120 so obviously it is a city of substantial sizing. The population of New York according to the latest census was 8,244,910. Just for the record Los Angeles is also a very big city and is the 2 largest city in the US at a population 3,819,702.

What is the population of Chicago IL?

The city is about 2.85 million.The population is constantly changing but According to the United States Census in July of 2011. the total population in Chicago, Illinois, is 2,707,120 people.

When was Chicago chartered?

Cook county was incorporated in 1832 with Chicago as it's county seat. In August, 1833 Chicago was declared a town with an estimated population of 350. In 1837, with a population of 4,170, Chicago received its city charter.

Is Chicago one of the largest cities in the world?

Chicago has a population of over 2,700,000, with a metropolitan population of about 9,500,000. In terms of metropolitan area, this would place Chicago as the thirtieth largest city in the world.