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What was the relationship between Australia and America during 1941-1972?

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September 13, 2011 4:42PM

Australia loved America and America loved that Australia loved it.

The time span is between World War II when Australia began to switch dependence from England to America and the Viet Nam War, which Australia joined for many reasons including wanting to support America.

If you want to do further research investigate the ANZUS treaty (Australia, New Zealand, United States) which Australia signed to allow the US to move nuclear submarines into her ports and also the Pine Gap US base on Australian soil.

Australia as a people did not love the Americans, the government allowed us instalations because at that time Australia was part of England and the us and England had an allience treaty. after Australia got its independence from England, there was no treaty with America and Australia until the 1990's

a treaty with Australia was signed only after the us was run out of the Philippines and the usa had no where else in the south pacific to be.

Australia also went to Vietnam , not to support usa , but because again at that time they were part of England.