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What was the role of Hungary in World War 2?

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Hungary was an ally of Germany, with long standing traditional

ties to Germanspeaking Europe, as well as hereditary animosity with

her slavic neighbours.

She lost much of her territory as a consequence of WWI, and was

determined to regain it.

Thus, it was in her interest to support German aggression

against Czechoslovakia (since she wanted Slovakia back), against

Poland (she wanted Ruthenia back) and she needed Germanys support

against Romania (she wanted, and received, Transsyvania back). She

also participated in the aggression against Yugoslavia with

Germany, to retake the B�cs-Kiskun area. All of the areas reaten

this way had been formerly Hungarian soil, containing large

Hungarian minorities (but a majority of slavic or Romanian


Domestically, Hungary had a right wing government, replaced

during the war (october 44) by a fascist dictatorship (supported by

Germany). Her political ties was stronger with Italy than with

Germany, but Germany was the stronger party.

Having obtained her territorial demands, Hungary showed

considerably less enthusiasm for being drawn into the global

conflict. Only under hesitation did she contribute to the war in

the east, initially around 65 000 men but after German pressure she

sent about 250 000 men. In the Soviet January offensive in 43

Hungary lost 148 000 of these and her armed forces were pulled out

of the line, to serve in rear areas.

The front eventually reached the borders of Hungary, but unlike

Romania, Hungary never surrendered but fought until VE day on the

German side. Or on her own side, whichever way one wants to see


After the war Hungary was turned into a one party state under

Soviet supervision, and after the 56 revolt brought under strict

Soviet control.

Hope that helps some


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It should be taken into consideration that Hungarian citizens

wanted nothing to do with war, it was entirely political, and that

they had no choice .

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