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14 ships were sunk, but there are also 4 that were considered severely damaged and were considered as "Sunk" although they could be towed.


Of the more than 90 ships at anchor in Pearl Harbor, the primary targets were the eight battleships anchored there. seven were moored on Battleship Row along the southeast shore of Ford Island while the USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) lay in drydock across the channel. Within the first minutes of the attack all the battleships adjacent to Ford Island had taken bomb and or torpedo hits. The USS West Virginia (BB-48) sank quickly. The USS Oklahoma (BB-37) turned turtle and sank. At about 8:10 a.m., the USS Arizona (BB-39) was mortally wounded by an armorpiercing bomb which ignited the ship's forward ammunition magazine. The resulting explosion and fire killed 1,177 crewmen, the greatest loss of life on any ship that day and about half the total number of Americans killed. The USS California (BB-44), USS Maryland (BB-46), USS Tennessee (BB-43) and USS Nevada (BB-36) also suffered varying degrees of damage in the first half hour of the raid.

There was a short lull in the fury of the attack at about 8:30 a.m. At that time the USS Nevada (BB-36), despite her wounds, managed to get underway and move down the channel toward the open sea. Before she could clear the harbor, a second wave of 170 Japanese planes, launched 30 minutes after the first, appeared over the harbor. They concentrated their attacks on the moving battleship, hoping to sink her in the channel and block the narrow entrance to Pearl Harbor. On orders from the harbor control tower, the USS Nevada (BB-36) beached herself at Hospital Point and the channel remained clear.

When the attack ended shortly before 10:00 a.m., less than two hours after it began, the American forces has paid a fearful price. Twenty-one ships of the U.S. Pacific Fleet were sunk or damaged: the battleships USS Arizona (BB-39), USS California (BB-44), USS Maryland (BB-46), USS Nevada (BB-36), USS Oklahoma (BB-37), USS Pennsylvania (BB-38), USS Tennessee (BB-43) and USS West Virginia (BB-48); cruisers USS Helena (CL-50), USS Honolulu (CL-48) and USS Raleigh (CL-7); the destroyers USS Cassin (DD-372), USS Downes (DD-375), USS Helm (DD-388) and USS Shaw (DD-373); seaplane tender USS Curtiss (AV-4); target ship (ex-battleship) USS Utah (AG-16); repair ship USS Vestal (AR-4); minelayer USS Oglala (CM-4); tug USS Sotoyomo (YT-9); and Floating Drydock Number 2. Aircraft losses were 188 destroyed and 159 damaged, the majority were hit before they had a chance to take off. American dead numbered 2,403. That figure included 68 civilians, most of them killed by improperly fused anti-aircraft shells landing in Honolulu. There were 1,178 military and civilian wounded.


Beyond the Oklahoma, Utah and Arizona - the West Virginia, California, Oglala, Cassin and Shaw were torpedoed. The Nevada ran ashore trying to get away from the attack without blocking the harbor entrance.


America lost 10 and Japanese lost 5 mini submarines


9 ship's 8 us (1 destroyer, 7 battleships.) 1 japanese....

Lost: battleships Arizona, Oklahoma; target ship Utah; destroyers Cassin, Downes

Sunk or beached but savagable: battleships West Virginia, California, Nevada; minelayer Oglala

Damaged: battleships Tennessee, Maryland, Pennsylvania; cruisers Helena, Honolulu, Raleigh; destroyer Shaw; seaplane tender Curtiss; repair ship Vestal


Actually the Japaneese main targets were the U.S. Aircraft carriers not the battleships. They also had 3 waves of fighters but the third one was called off for fear of American Pilots and surviving Ships that could attack the IJN carriers before all their planes refueled. The Japaneese were only 200-400 miles from pearl to the north so an attack from the mainland was also probable and they could not risk loosing their carriers while the Americans still had some this early in the war.


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Q: What was the strike intended to do regarding Pearl Harbor?
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December 7, 1941.

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There was no third strike, and no invasion.

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There is not any information regarding the people that went missing. However, the amount of deaths in Pearl Harbor is over 2,500.

Who was the winner at Pearl Harbor?

The japenesse won the pearl harbor bettle but later retreated because the US decoded their message and knew that they would strike at the island of Midway

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The Japaneese under the command of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto lead a pre-emptive strike on the U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, HI

Was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on purpose?

Yes, the attack was a planned military strike.

How was the Pearl Harbor attack resolved?

It was resolved when the strike planes returned to their carriers, and departed.

Which country was responsible for the Pearl Harbor attack on December seventh of 1941?

The attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941 was a surprise military strike by the Japanese (Operation Z). It was a preemptive strike to stop the US entering Japanese waters.

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Whether the US knew about it, ahead of time.

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Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Generally, this is why it is referred to as Pearl Harbor.

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The bombing of Pearl Harbor was intended to cripple US forces in the Pacific so we couldn't resist Japanese expansion in the western Pacific and would eventually have to sue for peace.

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Pearl Harbor Attack-1st Wave Strike (Zeros) start at Kaneohe air station7:48am local time; 1:18pm on US East Coast; 10:18am on US West CoastPearl Harbor Attack-1st Wave Strike (official) start-bombing at Pearl Harbor7:55am local time; 1:25pm on US East Coast; 10:25am on US West CoastPearl Harbor-2nd Wave Strike start8:54am local time; 2:24pm on US East Coast; 11:24am on US West CoastPearl Harbor Attack-2nd Wave Strike ends9:45am local time; 3:15pm on US East Coast; 12:15pm on US West Coast

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Pearl Harbor was (and is) a harbor, and it was (and is) the location of a U.S. Naval Station that is named U.S. Naval Station Pearl Harbor.

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The battle of Pearl Harbor took place in Pearl Harbor.

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The USA drooped bombs on Japan in retaliation to there unprovoked preemptive strike on Pearl Harbor...

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