What weapons did the union soldiers use?

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  • Springfield muzzleloader percussion cap rifle with expanding 0.68 caliber Minni Ball.
  • Springfield bayonet.
  • Colt Revolvers.
  • Springfield carbine (for calvary troops).
  • Various cannon.
  • Solid cannon shot.
  • Hollow exploding cannon shot.
  • Grape cannon shot.
  • Chain cannon shot.
  • Various knives.
  • Limited numbers of lever action repeating rifles.
  • Limited numbers of "coffee mill" handcranked machine guns.
  • Very small quantity of early Gatling guns were used for a limited time, then ordnance pulled them for "wasting ammo". Gatling then left to sell in Europe.
  • Observation balloons.
  • Iron clad ships.
  • Many more, Lincoln loved weapons inventors (although ordnance hated them).
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