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What website can you visit to ask questions about Julius Caesar?

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Julius Caesar was born in 100BC and assassinated in 44BC

Hope this helpsyou can use or also u could just stick on this site and i know quite alot. but the best is if you search for the rotten Romans or horrible histories on Google
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Can you visit sites in Rome that Julius Caesar also visited?

The cite of the ruins of the Roman Forum, in Rome, is a place anyone can visit that Julius Caesar also visited.

Did Julius Caesar visit the tomb of Alexander the Great?

Yes he did. Read the book called "Caesar".

Who comes to visit Brutus in the middle of the night?

Julius Caesar bloody ghost

Where did Julius caear visit?

When Julius Caesar conquered Gaul (modern-day France), the Patricians in Rome told him not to come back. So he visited Gaul.

What was Cleopatra relationship with Julius Caesar?

Julius Caesar was Cleopatra's Roman protector. Caesar arrived in Alexandria and established Cleopatra on the throne along with her brother and when he left, left a Roman garrison in Egypt to make sure she stayed there. In return, Cleopatra was to repay the debt her father owed to Caesar. Forget the romance, it was secondary to the main purpose of Caesar's visit.

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What were some of Julius Caesar's bad accomplishments?

Well its not really a bad accomplishment but since Julius Caesar became so powerful, the empire become to big and that led to the fall of Rome. Then after the fall of Rome happened i believe that people started to convert to Christianity and visit the Byzantine Empire.

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He needs to try and convince Caesar to go to the capitol.

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Who was the first Romans to come to Britain?

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What age did Cleopatra take the throne?

Cleopatra first took the throne at age 18 (some sources say 17) when her father died, and she took the throne with her younger brother Ptolemy XIII, who was just ten years old at the time. Ptolemy XIII's guardians forced Cleopatra out, so she sought alliance with Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar and his army defeated Ptolemy XIII, and Caesar restored Cleopatra to the throne at age 22, alongside the youngest of her brothers, Ptolemy XIV. This was in 47 BC. A year later, evidently charming Julius Caesar, Cleopatra gave birth to his son, cementing the alliance between Egypt and Rome. Sources vary, with some stating Cleopatra stayed in Rome and other stating she made several visit to Rome. Either way, after Caesar was assassinated, Cleopatra arranged for Ptolemy XIV to be poisoned. She then took the throne, establishing herself as co-ruler with her infant son. She was 25.

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