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The 5 speed transmission take automatic tranny fluid Dextron/mercon

AnswerNONONO do not use ATF in your 5 speed!! AnswerThe 94 5 speed does take ATF like the first answer says...i own one and recently had to get a new transmission...your owners manual does specify which type to use, but it is ATF.

I have an S10 & ATF is right

Well there are 4 different fluids that are used in the 5 Speed transmissions in an S10. Some do use ATF, but there is also 80/90 gear oil, some actually use motor oil, and the others use a synthetic Transmission Fluid. This is straight from the GM Dealer!!!!! You need to discern what fluid you have before adding will blow up your transmission if you use the wrong fluid!!!!!

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Q: What weight of gear oil is recommended for a 1994 s-10 with a 5-speed transmission?
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