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What weight of motor oil for a 2002 Chevy silverado 8.1 liter engine?

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2009-11-07 04:09:11


The engine size as well as a little more about the Truck model

would have helped.

1500 ?

2500 LD or HD ?

Gas or Diesel ?

All Gas engine's 1500 thru 2500 HD = 5W30

Diesel = 15W40

Hope This Helped.

You can also run 10w30,or even the diesel oil (15w40). Running

the diesel oil in your big block truck wouldn't hurt. if it has

some miles on it it might seem to pep up as the thicker oil would

create more compression on the worn rings. i run diesel oil in the

summer in my 2000 silverado 2500 truck,it has the 6 litre gas small

block with 236,000 miles on it & it runs great. Will burn the

tires off or drag 12,000 pounds around no problem.

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