What were a child's rights and roles in the family around the 1800's and 1900's specifically 1876 and 1918?

They did chores and family back then wanted more kids so they could help with the chores for example grow crops and help in the kitchen At the time children had few rights. As for their actual role, what Tamara says is true of poorer children, especially in rural areas. In addition, the older girls in large families were often required to help look after the younger kids. Most advanced countries already had laws severely restricting the employment of children (usually under 14) in factories and the like. Moreover, by 1910 or so education was compulsory up to age 14 in some countries . In rich families children usually didn't have to do chores. Sometimes they were even waited on 'hand and foot' by their parents' servants, which was often demeaning for the latter. By the early 1800s most of the advanced societies had a definite concept of childhood as a stage of development between infancy and adulthood. In the period from about 1775 onwards the first literature written specifically for children appeared.