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What were cons to Canada East in joining the Confederation?

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-Gain population we will have a high economic status

cons -

people coming from USA cant come to Canada because the US border is stopping them

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What where the pros and cons for Canada East joining confederation in 1867?

A pro for Canada East joining confederation in 1867 was that their distinct culture would be recognized.

What are the cons of joining confederation?

the cons about confederation is that the people that live in the dominion of Canada get angry that they don't get paid much

What were the pros and cons of Canada East joining the Maritime colonies or the US instead of the Confederation in 1867?

it was because Canada east had more disadvantages, and wanted to have mroe advantages.

What were the pros and cons for Ontario in joining the Confederation?

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Pros and cons of Manitoba joining confederation?


What were the cons for new brunswick joining confederation?


What were the pros and cons of Manitoba for joining confederation?

there are many different pros and cons= c

What were the cons for Canada West joining the Confederation?

Answerpros- it was the frenches only way to survive by keeping their language and religon(catholic)^^ Canada west is Ontario, not Quebec...

What were the pros and cons for Newfoundland joining the Confederation?

because they sucked

What were the pros and cons for Nova Scotia joining Confederation?

because of money

What were the pros and cons for Canada West joining the Confederation?

"Canada West" was not a political entity. It was part of the pre-Confederation Province of Canada. "Canada West" was a geographical name that was applied to the territory of the former colony of Upper Canada between February 10, 1841, and July 1, 1867, i.e., between the the Act of Union and Confederation.

What were the pros and cons the Yukon joining confederation?

the Klondike Gold rush brought many Americans toward Canada and the canadians thought that the ameriacans would use this to take over Canada.

What were the pros and cons of Newfoundland for joining confederation?

Many in Newfoundland didn't want to join the confederation because they felt they had more independence by being part of the British Colonies. On the other hand, the British government was going to cut off financial help, and Canada was willing to pay the bills, so some thought joining the confederation was a good idea.

What were the disadvantages in joining confederation for Quebec?

one of the cons for quebec joining was they were scared of loosing their culture, langue, schools ect. because of that there was a greater population with the anglophones.

What were the pros and cons for Alberta joining confederation?

1. Alberta had less immigration than other provinces in Canada. 2. Makes Edmonton as there capital. 3. Divides the properties between Alberta and Saskatchewan.

What were cons for new brunswick in joining confederation?

1. Loose some of the control over the colony 2. have to share their trade

What some cons for British Columbia joining Confederation?

They gave up a lot. They gave up their ocean waters, their industry and more. They would have had a much higher standard of living by joining the USA.

What were the pros and cons of PEI joining confederation?

Pro: They become more Secure, There's more Troops. Con: THe Railway doesn't reach them.

What where the pros and cons of the confederation 1867?

SOme of the Pros and Cons of Canadian Confederation are : Canada would be United as one Country and would be given the name Canada. Not everyone agreed with the British North American act. Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland both did not want any part of it and did not join until 1871 and 1949. The french speaking population was also divided but they were divided after Confederation. I hope this helps :0)

What are the pros and cons of Nova Scotia joining confederation?

Pros: -The railway that joined the colonies together made travel much easier. -It would end in political deadlocks. -Canada would attain more resources from all of the colonies. Cons: -Nova Scotia could easily trade over seas and didn't necessarily need a railway. -They weren't friendly with other colonies.

What were the cons of joining the confederation for sackatchewan?

Saskatchewan didn't really have much choice so pros out weigh cons. It was either become a province or stay part of the Northwest territories. There were those in Saskatchewan that did not want to be sold or transferred from HBC control to Canada and they did speak out, some openly rebelled. The military response from Canada made them an offer they could not refuse. A big negative would be that Saskatchewan has put more into Confederation than they have gotten back. Canada believes Saskatchewan owes them everything, after all Canada created, owns, Saskatchewan. The down side of that has been many federal policies directed at the Prairie Provinces meant to transfer Western wealth east. This has been possible in part due to the lack of equal and effective representation in Confederation, another negative. They could have stayed as part of the Northwest Territories but that would have meant even less representation and more exploitation.

What were the pros and cons for British Columbia in joining the Confederation?

The PROS of joining confederation were that British Columbia could run successfully after the death of Governor Seymour and the replacement by Anthony Musgrave, there would be A responsible Government, and that B.C could be connected to the east by a railway. Many viewed that confederation would help BC out of its economic depression at the time. CONS- Unfortunately Sir John A Macdonald had no idea how much the railway would cost or where to put the railway through the rocky Mountains. This stalled the construction of the promised railway and did in fact cost alot;therefore, the costs were poorly estimated and the government ran underbudget for the project. Senior officials lamented the demise of the colony's old political institutions, and the fact that the province would take orders from Ottawa

What were the pros and cons of Canadian Confederation for the western colonies?

The only pro would be not being taken over by the worlds largest and most prosperous superpower of the 20th century. The cons continue to be played out. The "Western Colonies" were not, other than British Columbia, like those on the East Coast. The West was purchased and acquired by Canada and as such most of the West are or were colonies of Canada. That status means that even when much of the land was given provincial status they never achieved equal status. Even today Western Canada is not given an equal role in Confederation and is expect to pay more into Confederation than it receives This is particularly the case for Alberta but all of Western Canada has been treated as less than an equal partner. The cons include being displaced by massive Canadian immigration, having their history written by Canada, and having their future being decided by people from thousands of miles away, by people from a different culture with a different view of their past and future. acquired

Pros and cons of joining the coast guard?

you stay home and get millitary benifits. you wont go to middle east. your recruiter will tell you only can chose places in the united states to work

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