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There was scarce democracies in the colonies. Only one group was guaranteed suffrage, White men over the age of 21 who owned property. People who were not property holders, Catholics, women, blacks and native Americans were all prohibited from casting votes.

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Q: What were some voting restrictions in colonial Georgia in 1732?
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When did people arrive in colonial Georgia?


Brief history of colonial Georgia?

Founded by James Oglethorpe in 1732.

What kind of job could you get in colonial Georgia?

Some of the jobs that were available in Colonial Georgia included blacksmith, cobbler, and printer. The Georgia Colony lasted from 1732 to 1777.

In 1732 what did the homes in colonial Georgia look like?

The house was made out of bricks

What kind of economy did Georgia have?

Colonial Georgia had an economy based on agriculture. Main crops included sugar, rice, and indigo. Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe in 1732.

Timeline of colonial georgia?

Colonial Georgia was founded in 1732. In 1742 William Stephens was named president. In 1776 it enters the American Revolution. In 1788 it becomes the 4th state to enter the union.

When did King George II grant James permission to start a colony in colonial Georgia?

He granted him a charter in 1732

When is Georgia chartered?


When was the colony Georgia founded?

The colony Georgia was founded , in 1732.

When did king Georgia grant the charter for the colony of Georgia?


How many years was The Charter of 1732 good for?

The Georgia Charter of 1732 was signed on April 21, 1732 and ended in 1752.

What year was Georgia founded?


When was the colony of Georgia established?


When did the salzburgers settled in Georgia?


What games did they play in Georgia in 1732?

sorry! and chastise

What was the population of Georgia in 1732?


What colony was founded by James Oglethorpe in 1732?

James Oglethorpe founded the colony of Georgia in 1732.

What were colonial or territorial days in Georgia?

A trust for establishing the colony of Georgia was granted a charter by George 2 (For whom the colony was named) in 1732, long after the large English migrations of the 17th century to North America.

When was Georgia founded as a penal colony?


When was Georgia founded as last colony?

In 1732.

What year and date was Georgia founded?


Was Georgia's charter granted in 1732?


What year did settlers arrive in Georgia?


When was Georgia established as a colony?

it was established at 1732

What crops were grown in colonial Georgia?

There was cash crops such as tobaco rice and indgo.Crops that Colonial Georgia grew were varied. However, the most popular crops were tobacco, indigo, and rice.Rice, Indigo, Cotton, and TobaccoTobacci, indigo, and rice ... along with the silk industryRice and indigo were the two main cash crops in colonial Georgia, and sugar and tobacco were important as well. Colonial Georgia existed from 1732 to was rice