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Answer1. Unrestricted submarine warfare

2. Zimmerman telegram to mexico

3. U.S. financial ties to the Allies

4. Propaganda against Germany (mainly sources from britian)

(tensions that brought U.S. into war)

what brought up ww1, was the naval competition in the balkins with British and German battleships, dreadnoughts. U boats attacking merchant transport ships.

the assassination of the soon to be king of Austria by Serbia anarchists

Germans sends Russia and ultimatum

Also there was the Morocco crisis; a tension between Germany and France. Both of the countries wanted to take over Morocco.

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Q: What were the 4 sources of tension that led to World War 1?
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What were the sources of tension between the european powers that led to war?

There have been many wars caused by tension between or among European powers. Please repost your question and state which war, or state what dates the war occured.

What led to the tension that sparked World War 1?

The assassination of Archduke Franz Furdinand by the Balkans created a lot of tension between countries.

Which events of 1911 were contributory causes of World War I?

Events of 1911 that led to World War 1 include the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife by a Serbian. The tension between Austria-Hungary and Russia and Serbia led to it.

Why did the NATO intervene in Bosnia?

ethnic tension had led to war in the region.

NATO intervened in Bosnia because?

ethnic tension had led to war in the region.

What is cold war and explain its events that led to the emergence of cold war?

The short answer is: the cold war was the tension that arose between the Soviet Union and the United States after World War II. Many events during and after the war contributed to it.

Name one or two sources of conflict that have led to instability in Southwest Asian since the end of World War 2?

over population

How nationalism led to World War 1?

nationalism led to the world war because of franz ferdinands assassination.

World War 2 led to what?

world war two led to a tragic day...when worldwar three begun

What were the factor that led to wolrd war one?

There was tension between many European countries. When Arch Duke Ferdinand was assassinated it created an opportunity to create further conflict which led to war.

Who led world war 3?

World war 3 has not arrived yet...

What events led to increasing tension and ultimately war between the US and japan?

Basically, the bombing of Pearl Harbor. We then declared war afterwards.

Who led Britain through most of World War I?

the french led Britain through world war 1 much of the time that the war was going on. THIS IS A FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What led to world war one-?

The instant cause that led to World War I is the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Other things that led to the war is a four year conflict between the great European powers.

What led to world war 3?

There was never a world war 3, and hopefully there never will be.

What led to world war two?

Hitler did

Who led the AEF?

John Pershing led the AEF of the World War I and II.

Who led the Germans in World War?

World War One: Kaiser Wilhelm II World War Two: Adolf Hitler

Why did NATO intervene in Bosnia?

Warring ethnic factions existed in the former Yugoslavia apex:ethnic tension had led to war in the region.

What was the relationship between the boers and the zulu?

An increase in tension between the British, the Boers and Zulus led to the Anglo-Zulu War.

What led to German surrender in World War 1?

They were losing the war.

What war led to the idea of M and M'S?

world war 2

What country s action led us in world war 2?

The bombing of Pearl Harbor was the reason. Roosevelt made an announcement that the Japanese bombed us and we are going to war. Sources: my 8th grade textbook

What result of World War 2 led most directly to the beginning of the Cold War?

The development by the US of the atomic bomb in World War 2 led most directly to the beginning of the Cold War.

What were the causes in World War 1 that led to World War 2?

i think it was hitlers fault