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What were the Axis powers?

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The major allied powers were:

axispowers included:

  • America
  • Brittain
  • USSR (Union of Soviet Social Republics)
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Who joined the axis powers?

who joined the axis powers?

What is the differences between the allied powers and the axis powers?

The Axis Powers were Germany, Italy, and Japan. The Allies were the countries that came together to fight the Axis Powers.

What is an axis powers sentence?

The axis powers were led by Nazi Germany.

Did the axis powers or the central Powers lost World War 1?

Central Powers. Axis was WW2.

Which nations were not a part of the Axis Powers?

The axis powers were Germany, Italy, and Japan.

When was the Agreement to be axis powers?

The agreement to be axis powers was on June 2, 1942.

3rd member of the axis powers?

It was Japan. The 3rd member of the axis powers.

What are the major differences between the Axis and Allied Powers?

The Axis powers were the countries that supported Germany. The Allied powers were the countries that fought against the Axis and helped to regain peace in the axis countries.

Who were the allied powers and axis powers?

Allied Powers: USA, France, UK, China, Russia. Axis Powers: Germany, Italy, Japan.

What three courtries were part of the axis powers?

Japan , Italy and Germany = The Axis Powers .

Who were the allied powers and axis powers of world war 2?

Allied Powers : the US , Britain and Russia / Axis Powers : Germany , Italy and Japan .

What changed the world from Axis powers?

During World War II, the Axis powers were defeated.

Which one comes first Hetalia world series or Hetalia axis powers?

Axis Powers

What type of government did the axis powers during world war 2 have?

The axis powers were fascist.

What countries made up the allies and the axis powers?

The Axis powers were Japan, Germany and Italy

Which group did Hitler belong to axis powers or the allies?

Hitler and Germany were part of the Axis powers.

What is the significance of Axis Powers?

The Axis Powers were formed during World War II and included the Japan, Germany, and Italy. The Axis Powers fought agains the Allies and were defeated.

When did the Axis Powers form?

They formed the Axis in 1937.

Was the war in the balkans allies or axis powers?


Which country was not in the axis powers?

Which country was not a member of the Axis

Is the Pearl Harbor axis or allied powers?


Was Fransisco Franco allied or axis?

He was from the axis powers.

Name of the axis counties?

(Major Axis powers) Germany. Japan. Italy. (minor axis powers) Hungary. Romania. Bulgaria. Yugoslavia.

How did the Axis Forces win World War 1?

There was no Axis powers in World War I--and the Axis powers LOST World War II.

What were the Germans called if we were the allies?

== == They were called the Axis Powers. The Axis Powers consisted of the Germans, the Japanese, and the Italians.