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The U.S. emerged from WW2 as a superpower and the leading proponent of democracy in the world. The U.S. is the only country able to stand up to the Soviet Union and prevent the spread of communism. The above along with the baby boom Quicker advance in technology [not only inthe US but all of the other countries involved in the war] 'Disagreements' with the USSR [communism became a bigger deal after the 2nd world war] Nuclear Powered Navy [Hyman Rickover was like "ooh make a nuclear bomb with lots of power, how can we harness this for more power?"]...{g-d-d--n Rickover}

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Q: What were the effects of World War 2 on America?
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They ended World War 2 in all of the world.

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England had quite a lot of negative effects against it in world war 2. So did Japan

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In WW2 women had to create weapons, make food, and work in factories because all the men were at war. Hope this helps! =)

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The effects that were on children during World War ll was that the kids started getting illfrom gases.

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