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Q: What were the negative and positive effects of imperialism on Kenya?
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What were three positive effects of European imperialism in Kenya?

jessie was here yay 2-1-12

List the negative effects of tribalism in Kenya?

Tribalism in Kenya is contributed to lack of accountability, underdevelopment, governmental corruption, and nepotism in the country. It is considered bad governance that leads to far more negative things than positive outcomes to the country's problems.

What are the positive and negative impacts of tourism on the environment in Kenya?

i dnt know

What was it like in Kenya BEFORE imperialism?

Seeing as that was over a hundred years ago, who do think is going to answer. Before Imperialism they had no written history.

What were the negative effects of colonialism in kenya?

I am currently writing a paper on the effect of british colonialism on tribal relations in Kenya. It seems as though many of the ethnic conflicts seen in Kenya today come from the way the British ruled Kenya. Their divide and rule strategy created sustained ethnic conflict that afflicts Kenyan politics today.

Imperialism in Kenya?

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How does tourism affect aspects of Kenya society?

tourism effects kenya in the respect that if they did not have tourism kenya would not be how it is today

What are the bad effects of tourism in Kenya?

the bad effects are the corodes and the wearing of grass

What are negative and positive effects of imperialism in Europe?

The positive effects would now in hindsight be seen as subjects for much debate. But at the time the new colonies - mostly in Africa - were seen as places where especially Great Britain, France, Germany and Belgium could bring 'civilization' and Christianity, that could provide them with raw materials, that could be a market for their products and that would generally add to the glory and respect that these European countries commanded. The negative effects were at the time, that the so-called 'race for Africa' caused friction between European countries. Another negative effect was caused by the randomly drawn borders of newly created African countries which did take little or no account of tribal relations and tensions. Moreover, the European rulers often favored members of minority tribes to help them govern the countries, which, after independence, led to tribal tensions and bloodshed when other tribes also wanted a share of power: think of the Hutu-Tutsi struggles in Rwanda or the tensions between the Kikuyu and other tribes in Kenya. In the middle east, European imperialism led, on the one hand, to economic development (Saudi Arabia before 1930 was mostly empty desert, peopled by nomadic tribes living from breeding and selling camels and income from hajj pilgrims to Mecca) but also to the tense relations that still exist between countries like present-day Israel, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

What are the effects of tribalism in Kenya?

it leads to enemity and nepotism and this can destroy a country

What is the contribution of environmental education towards reducing the causes and managing the effects of climate change in Kenya?

Knowledge is power. It has contributed to a great limit in Kenya.

What has the author SHIRAZ DURRANI written?


What were the effects of colonialism in Kenya?

There are a lot of positive factors that the colonial government and establishment helped bring to kenya, such as # Education. # Health Institutions. # Introduced modern day government institution. Just but to mention a few. On the other hand there are a few negative aspects that the colonial government established and continue to undermine Kenya up to date. For instance # Introduced the divide and rule strategy that was later adopted by succeeding government. # Enacted self centered policies to safeguard their interests, such as land policies that later increased tribal hostilities. Just to mention a few.

What was an independent nation in Africa during the Age of Imperialism?

a) Kenya b) Transvaal c) Liberia d) Nigeria

What are the positive environmental impacts of tourism in Kenya?

more money for schools. people will learn about their culture.

What parts of Africa did England control in the age of imperialism?

Main were Egypt, Sudan, South Africa, Zimbabwe (also called Rhodesia), Zambia, Botswana, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Kenya.

How has HIV and AIDS affected the social and cultural way of life in Kenya?

HIV and AIDS have made numerous social and cultural changes to the way of life in Kenya; both positive and negative. One of the main changes is that some religions that have always been against birth control are rethinking their views on the subject, due to risk of infection. This means that more people are allowed to practise safe sex and so reduce their risk of infection. Also, the number of those in prostitution has decreased.

What are the negative impacts of tourism on Kenya?

the money sometimes doesnt go to local businesses to invest, they invest in other countries which is not good for locals.

What is the name of the drug company in The Constant Gardener?

KVH - Karel Vita Hudson. They are in Kenya testing a tuberculosis drug which turns out to have severe side effects.

What do you do when in Kenya?

When in Kenya, some of the things that tourists do is go on a Kenya safari. Kenya national parks are the places where people go on a Kenya safari.

Does Kenya have any armed forces?

yes. the Kenya army,the kenya airforce,the Kenya navy.

Where is mt kenya?

Mt. Kenya is in Kenya, Africa.

How old is Kenya Jordana James and what is she the editor and founder of?

Kenya Jordana James was thirteen when she became the publisher and founder of Blackgirl magazine, whose focuses on promoting positive messages and imagery to Black teens. As of two thousand and fourteen she is now twenty four or five years old.

When did the name change from Kenya Colony to Republic of Kenya?

In 1963 the Kenya Colony became the Commonwealth of Kenya. In 1964 the name was once again changed to the Republic of Kenya.

How far from naiobi is Kenya?

Nairobi is in Kenya. It is the capital city of Kenya.