History of Japan

What were the negative and positive effects of imperialism on japan?

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Japan was largely unaffected by European imperialism. For

centuries they maintained a very isolationist policy and had almost

no contact with the opposite world. They never came under the rule

of any Western power. Beginning in the 1800's though they, of their

own accord, began allowing in Western ideas and seeking to

modernize their economy and, to some extent, westernize their

society. This eventually led them to adopt an imperialist policy of

their own. They conquered Korea in the early 20th century and then

in the 1930's invaded China. They had plans for a vast empire

covering most of east Asia and the Pacific Ocean. In 1941 they

tried to make good on this by attacking the United States, England

and other European countries in Asia and the Pacific as part of the

Second World War. As a result of this their economy was utterly

destroyed and vast stretches of the country were reduced to rubble

and they spent many years under American military occupation.

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